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Cardiff priest warns residents not to 'harbour revenge'

Mourners place flowers ahead of a tribute held by the local community outside the Fire Station in Ely, Cardiff Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Reverend Jan Gould, who is due to take the church service for victims of the Cardiff hit-and-runs this evening, has pleaded with people not to "harbour revenge" against the perpetrator:

"If people aren't able to forgive, they will never really move on from this because harbouring revenge and anger, in the end, can only be destructive.

She added: "We're here really to give the community a chance to just come together, to stand shoulder to shoulder in our shock and in our grief, and just try to encourage one another to support one another.

"My emotions did come out this morning, along with everyone else's, and that was no bad thing. In one way it was difficult, but in another it was a privilege to be able to try and help people in that way."


Welsh Secretary praises police's hit-and run response

The Secretary of State for Wales, David Jones MP, has paid tribute to the police and other emergency services for their response to Friday's hit-and-run attacks.

Hit-and-run witnesses 'shouldn't have to see what they saw'

Kevin Brennan, who will be giving a reading at the church service this evening, said the attacks had been a "terrible experience" and a "great shock" for the community in Ely.

I think everyone's heart goes out to (Ms Menzies) but also to those motherless children now, and I am sure there is going to be a lot of support for the community as a result.

People were just going about their normal daily lives, picking up their kids from school, on their way home on a lovely sunny day - they shouldn't have to see what they saw on Friday afternoon.

Somebody deliberately driving a vehicle, apparently, at people, at women and children. People then having to help those that were injured ... It was a terrible experience for the community and it has been a great shock.

– Kevin Brennan

Community wants justice for hit-and-run victims, MP says

Kevin Brennan, Labour MP for Cardiff West, said the community in Ely wanted justice for Karina Menzies, her family and all those affected by Friday's shocking hit-and-run attacks.

Once the anger subsides, which is understandable because of what's happened, what people will want to see is justice for the victims. I think the community in Ely are devastated really by what's happened. This is a very close-knit community, it's not a very wealthy one, but it is rich in community spirit. I think first of all people have been shocked, they have been asking the reason why, and now they're beginning - as this community does - to rally round the victims.

– Kevin Brennan

Hit-and-run victims thankful to be alive

Adam Lewis said the impact of the crash was "overwhelming" but said he was just thankful his family were still alive.

"You don't expect a big white van to come and smack you off the pavement," he told Sky News, adding, "Why someone would ever want to do that I will never know."

Mr Lewis said "our hearts go out" to the family of Karina Menzies, who was killed in a separate attack during the hit-and-run rampage, and admitted: "We are so relieved we're still ok."

Mr Lewis said his "brave" partner will have an operation to put pins in her leg after breaking her fibula and tibula in the crash, while a hairline fracture in her ankle will be strapped. She also wounded her left hip. He added that his two-year-old "had been incredibly brave."


Mother and child were 'catapulted' by rampaging van

Adam Lewis, who saw his partner and baby daughter hit by the rampaging van in Cardiff, has spoken of the moment the vehicle smashed into his family.

With two-year-old Amelia May sat next to him bearing heavy facial scars from the collision, Mr Lewis told Sky News his parter Annie was pushing their daughter's pushchair on the pavement when "all of a sudden we got hit behind by the van."

He added: "It was too late he just smashed right into us."

The father, who was knocked to the floor by the van's wing mirror, said: "Unfortunately my partner and our baby bore the brunt of it."

He said Ms Lewis "buckled" when the vehicle struck and "just flew" with her and Amelia "catapulted" into the air.

Hit-and-run mum's family mourning 'lovely person'

Prayers will be held for the 32-year-old mother-of-three and other victims of Friday's attack. Credit: South Wales Police

The family of Karina Menzies, who was killed in a hit-and-run van attack in Cardiff, have released the following statement:

"Karina was a lovely girl. She lived for her kids and her brothers and sisters and everything she did was for her family. She was a good friend to everyone and was well thought of in the community. She will be sorely missed by everyone."

Hit-and-run victim died 'saving her children's lives'

The brother of the woman killed in a hit-and-run attack in Cardiff said his sister died trying to save the lives of her children.

Craig Menzies described the moment the van careered towards Karina Menzies and her children. He told Radio 5 Live:

He went through the traffic, aimed for them and then just hit them head on. She just screamed and threw them out of the way as much as she could. He still clipped them but she took it head-on. She saved their lives.

Mr Menzies said the attack was "a waste of a life" and said his sister was "the world to me".

She was my best friend. She was a lively, bubbly person. There's just so many good things you could say about her. We'll all be lost without her.

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