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People in Cardiff are 'too numb to talk' after hit and run attack

Rev Jan Gould is the vicar at the Church of the Resurrection in Ely said that the Church had been open for locals to help deal with emotions after the hit and run attacks across Cardiff:

From the moment we found out about the incident, the church has been open, so people could come in, sit quietly.

They don't want to talk - they're too numb and too shocked.

Tomorrow, a special service will be held at the church at 5pm, to provide "an opportunity for the whole community to come together, share their grief and find support".

Ely reverend says community is in 'state of carnage'

Reverend Jan Gould, who will lead a service tomorrow for the victims and families of the town's fatal hit-and-run collisions in Ely's Church of the Resurrection, said the feeling in the town was "like a state of carnage".

This will be an opportunity for the whole community to come together, share their grief and find support. People here are numb at the moment and in shock - it's like a state of carnage.

Fortunately, despite its problems, Ely is a very close-knit community and people here are wonderful at pulling together and supporting each other.

– Reverend Jan Gould, the Church of the Resurrection in Ely

Tributes to murdered Cardiff mother Karina Menzies

Local Labour MP Kevin Brennan paid tribute to Karina Menzies, the 32-year-old mother who was killed in Cardiff's hit-and-run collisions. Credit: PA

Labour MP Kevin Brennan has led the tributes to Karina Menzies, the 32-year-old mother-of-three killed in yesterday's hit-and-run collisions in Ely, Cardiff. He said the incident was "beyond senseless" and had "rocked the whole community".

"It's absolutely shocking what has happened and the fact that someone has appeared to use a vehicle as a weapon," Mr Brennan said. "Karina was a well-liked mother who had three children. One of her children is disabled and is currently on a dream holiday in Florida."

Social networking sites were flooded with tributes to the victim. Facebook user Katy Johanna Benson wrote: "Rest in piece Karina Menzies. Sleep tight beautiful angel and may the scum responsible for this senseless, evil murder be brought to justice. Cant imagine what her family are feeling."

Marine Thomas wrote: "r.i.p karina i didnt know u personally but from what ive heard u were a fab mum and will be missed very much :( this is a cruel world we live in and its always the good ones that go first. sleep tight angel."


Report: Cardiff hit-and-run driver attacked people with crook lock

The suspect in the Cardiff hit-and-run collisions used a crook lock - a heavy-duty metal car lock - to assault witnesses, it is believed.

Officers are also investigating whether the attacker was involved in a domestic incident before the fatal incident yesterday, according to unconfirmed reports.

Establishing who owns the white panelled van is said to be central to the inquiry.

Cardiff mourns mother killed in hit-and-run collisions

A mourner outside the Fire Station where she was killed. Credit: PA

The community of Ely, Cardiff, paid tribute to the 32-year-old mother-of-three who died after being hit outside the town's Fire Station by a driver who embarked on a series of apparently deliberate collisions with pedestrians on Friday.

A woman places a tribute outside the Fire Station in Ely, Cardiff, where a 32-year-old woman was killed in a multiple hit-and-run incident. Credit: PA

A 31-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder after 14 victims were hit by a vehicle in five separate areas of the town.

The Fire Station in Ely where a woman was killed in a multiple hit and run incident which also saw seven children and four adults injured. Credit: PA
Floral tributes, candles and handwritten messages left outside the Fire Station in Ely, Cardiff. Credit: PA
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