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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge expecting Spring baby

The Duke of Cambridge said he is "thrilled" at the prospect of becoming a father for the second time.

Reflecting on "a tricky few days" for the Duchess, he said the announcement came earlier than planned due to another bad case of morning sickness.

The Queen has expressed her delight at the news - and Prince Harry said it was all very exciting.

ITV News Royal Correspondent Tim Ewart reports:

Earl Spencer welcomes 'happy-making' baby news

Prince William's uncle Earl Spencer has welcomed the "fantastic" news that he and wife Kate are expecting their second child.

Earl Spencer said the news was "happy-making". Credit: Aaron Harris/The Canadian Press/Press Association Images

"It is just such happy-making news," he told LBC Radio. "I have never known a period of news where things have looked so dark and bleak around the world and to have this pop up is just fantastic.

"I think that's really what it's about, it's just making the nation a happier place and that is what today's news does."


Harry: I can't wait to see my brother 'suffer more'

Prince Harry has welcomed the news of the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy as "very exciting" - joking that he cannot wait to see his brother "suffer more".

He said Kate was coping with her illness and expressed his wish that the couple would be able to enjoy some privacy during her pregnancy.

William: Kate 'feeling OK' despite morning sickness

The Duke of Cambridge says his wife is "feeling OK" after being treated for hyperemesis gravidarum after falling pregnant with her second child - adding that he was going home to "look after her".

Speaking at Oxford University today, he said: "It's been a tricky few days - week or so - but obviously we're basically thrilled, it's great news, and early days.

"We're hoping things settle down and she feels a bit better."

"It's important that we all focus on the big international and domestic news that is going on at the moment," the Duke said.


Royals 'miss privacy' due to early baby announcement

Royal historian Dr Kate Williams has said that it must be "very hard for William and Kate" after they were forced to announce the Duchess' pregnancy early, meaning "they don't have that early period of privacy".

As with her last pregnancy the Duchess of Cambridge has suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness).

This has meant she has been prevented from carrying on her royal duties, forcing the palace to confirm both pregnancies earlier than most parents might go public.

Expectant parents usually wait until after the first trimester.

Royal historian: Being 'spare heir' can be difficult

Royal historian Kate Williams has said that being the 'spare heir' in the royal family can be a difficult position.

Dr Williams described Princess Margaret as: "the example of someone who didn't enjoy being number two."

William arrives alone to Oxford engagement

Prince William is presented with a small toy and a bunch of flowers as he arrives in Oxford.

The Duke of Cambridge arrived alone to formally open The Dickson Poon University of Oxford China Centre Building.

He had been due to be accompanied by his wife but she was unable to attend due to severe morning sickness.

The Duke of Cambridge accepted a small fluffy toy and a bunch of flowers on his arrival - possibly the first gift for the new royal baby.

Prince William thanks a young girl for flowers and toy.
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