The Justice Secretary Ken Clarke

Government secret trial proposals

The Government is to go ahead with changes that would allow more trials to be held behind closed doors after opposition from MPs

The High Court in London

The facts on closed-door trials

The Government has set out plans to hold more trials and inquests behind closed doors in order to protect sensitive information. Why?

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Inquests will remain public as civil courts set for secret evidence

Inquests will not be included in proposals to allow secret evidence to be heard in civil courts, the Justice Secretary said.

The Ministry of Justice is due to publish the Justice and Security Bill today, which includes rules on controversial proceedings to hear some evidence secretly.

The Bill will pave the way for sensitive intelligence to be heard in civil courts where national security is involved. It is understood that, in a climbdown from earlier proposals, the powers will not be extended to inquests.

Ken Clarke hopes for 'restraint' ahead of Bahrain GP

I hope both sides show restraint, I deeply regret that someone appears to have been killed, obviously everybody is imploring them to keep down the level of violence, but I don't think the cancellation of the Grand Prix actually would make a very great deal of difference.

I don't think it's a matter for politicians in Britain to decide whether to or not. Essentially in the end it's up to Formula One and the people who the run the sport and the teams.

– Ken Clarke speaking on Sky News' Murnaghan programme


Ken Clarke: Lib Dems behind timing of House of Lords reforms

A purely Conservative Government would not be pressing ahead with reform of the House of Lords in this parliament, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke admitted today.

The existing House of Lords is a curious historical anomaly.

We are ready for democracy, I think. All three political parties were in favour of House of Lords reform in their last manifestos.

The Liberals probably have determined the timing. I think doing it now in this parliament has happened because the Liberals are anxious to get on with it.

– Ken Clarke speaking on Sky News' Murnaghan programme


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