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Sex case teacher's sentence cannot be reviewed

Stuart Kerner, 44, a former RE teacher was given an 18-month suspended sentence after being convicted of having sex with a 16-year-old student Credit: PA

The Attorney General is unable to review the suspended sentence of a religious studies teacher convicted of having sex with a 16-year-old student because his crimes are not included in the "unduly lenient" sentence scheme.

Stuart Kerner, 44, from Aylesford, Kent, was found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust and was given a suspended 18-month sentence by Judge Joanna Greenberg QC.

The judge said it was clear his 16-year-old victim was ''obsessed'' with the teacher, prompting complaints to the Attorney General's Office, which initially said it would consider whether to refer the sentence to the Court of Appeal.

But an AGO spokeswoman said: "After a number of complaints, we carefully considered whether Stuart Kerner's sentence could be referred to the Court of Appeal for being too low - as part of the 'unduly lenient sentence scheme'.

"Mr Kerner's crimes are not included in this scheme, meaning the law officers are unable to refer this.

"However, it's important that the public can challenge what they believe to be exceptionally low sentences. We have been looking at whether the scope of the current scheme is right."

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Lorries backup up due delays at Port of Dover

Kent Police are operating a traffic calming system on the M20 whereby non-freight traffic is being diverted onto the A20 between junctions 8 and 9.

The measure allows backed-up lorries, destined for the Port of Dover, tp queue in the coastbound carriageway.

Lorries queuing outside the Port of Dover Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Sex case teacher's 'lenient' sentence may be reviewed

The Attorney General is to investigate whether the sentencing of a former religious studies teacher who walked free from court after being convicted of repeatedly having sex with a student should be reviewed.

Stuart Kerner, 44, of Aylesford in Kent, was handed a suspended 18-month sentence by Judge Joanna Greenberg QC, sitting at Inner London Crown Court, who said it was clear his 16-year-old victim was "obsessed" with him.

The Attorney General's Office wrote on its Twitter page:

Judge: Claire Tiltman's life 'was so full of promise'

ITV News Meridian Correspondent Derek Johnson reports from the courtroom:

"This was a premeditated murder. Your intention was to kill. You took a knife to scene for the purpose, and Claire was vulnerable by reason of her circumstances," Mr Justice Sweeney added.


'Prison confession' led to Tiltman killer's conviction

A police handout photo of Ash-Smith in custody. Credit: Kent Police/PA Wire

A "prison confession" by Claire Tiltman killer Colin Ash-Smith provided a significant piece of new evidence that helped ensure his conviction.

Ash-Smith had evaded justice since 1993 for the brutal murder of the schoolgirl, but a change in the law and the testimony of a former prison inmate helped to finally see the case solved.

He confided details to Stefan Dubois, and the "confession" was used as evidence after cold-case detectives reopened the investigation and subsequently charged Ash-Smith with the alleyway murder.

Upon searching Ash-Smith's home last year, police found an edition of a local newspaper marking the first anniversary of Claire's death - kept as a trophy of the fatal attack.

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