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Eight arrested on suspicion of smuggling guns into UK

Seven men and a woman are being questioned by police. Credit: PA

Eight people have been arrested on suspicion of smuggling guns into the UK.

Seven men and a woman, aged between 24 and 58, are being questioned by the National Crime Agency (NCA) as part of an investigation into the suspected importation of firearms.

A number of potentially workable firearms and ammunition had been seized near the marina and sent for forensic tests, the NCA said.

The spokesman added: "The investigation, which relates to the criminal use of firearms, continues."

Rochester man arrested for terror offences

A 23-year-old man has been arrested in Rochester, Kent, on suspicion of supporting a 'proscribed' organisation, the South East Counter-Terrorism Unit said.

He is being questioned at a police station in the Kent area following what officers said was a "pre-planned" operation not linked to any immediate threat in the UK.



Witness: I thought Kent earthquake was an 'explosion'

A witness of the earthquake in Kent in the early hours of this morning has described how he thought it was an "explosion".

He added: "Lying in bed when the house suddenly shook. Thought something had collapsed outside, so got up to check.

"I've looked outside and all appears to be fine in the street. No damage that I can see. Will obviously see more later when it's lighter. Weird experience anyway.

"I actually thought it was an explosion of some sort and not an earthquake."

Residents: Kent earthquake 'scared the life out of me!'

Kent residents have tweeted their reactions after being awoken by the tremors in the early hours of this morning.

Vikki Petts said: "So we just had a 4.3 magnitude earthquake in Kent and my housemates slept through the entire thing. certainly woke me up!"

Jonathan Tapp said: "Earthquake in East Kent and now can't get back to sleep. Despite months spent in NZ this is my first one that I've felt."

Kent earthquake downgraded to 4.2 magnitude

The British Geological Survey has downgraded the earthquake felt across Kent this morning to 4.2 magnitude.

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