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Tiltman's killer 'would have attacked more women'

Nigel Pilkington, head of the Complex Casework Unit for the Crown Prosecution Service South East, said Ash-Smith would have attacked many more women if he had the chance.

He is a man who is always looking, stalking - always looking to attack women. The fact he only attacks some of the time is because he is not going to attack if he is going to be seen.

He is thinking about it (attacking) all the time. How many times has he thought about doing it and then abandoned it? Probably hundreds of times.

I don't think he can help himself because he is in a 'psycho state of mind'. If you ask him if he wanted to kill Claire Tiltman, I think he couldn't stop himself.

– Nigel Pilkington, head of the Complex Casework Unit for the Crown Prosecution Service South East
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Detectives brand Claire Tiltman's killer 'pure evil'

Detectives branded Claire Tiltman's killer Colin Ash-Smith "pure evil" and said he should never be free to walk the streets again.

Detective Superintendent Rob Vinson, from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate Cold Case Team, said the murder was one of the most "horrific" and "emotive" cases he had worked on.

Scene where Claire Tiltman was stabbed to death in 1993 Credit: PA

Ash-Smith is a very dangerous individual. He is a predator. He would be stalking women with evil intent (to carry out attacks) - some of which he carried out and some of which he didn't.

On the night in question Claire was in the wrong place at the wrong time

When you look at the writings and some of the things he has done, this is a very, very dangerous individual, and justice has been served at last for the brutal murder of Claire.

– Detective Superintendent Rob Vinson


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Parents of Claire Tiltman 'were her idols'

Friends of Claire who have attended court every day of the trial broke down in tears as the verdict was read out at Inner London Crown Court.

We've spoken a lot about how much Linda and Cliff [Claire's parents] loved Claire.

She was their world. But until now we've never talked about how much she loved them.

They had one of the strongest bonds I have ever seen in a family. Her parents were her idols, and she was never embarrassed to say that or to show it.

– Lisa Gribbin, Claire's best friend

Former milkman found guilty of 1993 schoolgirl murder

A former milkman has been found guilty of murdering schoolgirl Claire Tiltman more than 20 years ago.

Claire Tiltman, aged 16, was murdered in 1993 Credit: PA

Colin Ash-Smith, aged 46, was convicted of murder at Inner London Crown Court today, in what the court heard was a "frenzied and remorseless" attack in 1993.

Sixteen-year-old Claire was stabbed to death as she walked to a friend's house in Horns Cross, Kent.


Farage clarifies Reckless comments on migrants

Nigel Farage has clarified his party's stance on migrant workers after Ukip candidate Mark Reckless suggested EU migrants who have been in the UK for a number of years could still be forced to return to their native country.

Speaking to ITV News, the Ukip leader said:

"We have never argued at any point in time that the UK should retrospectively change the law.

"To be clear: Anybody who has legally come to Britain is entitled to stay in Britain."


Nato reports increase in Russian flights in EU airspace

Credit: PA

RAF fighters were scrambled to intercept a pair of Russian long-range bombers over the North Sea yesterday, as Nato marks an "unusual" spike in Russian military flights in European airspace.

Typhoon fighter jets from RAF Lossiemouth were scrambled to track a pair of Tu-95 Bear H bombers through UK airspace when Nato radars picked up several Russian aircraft formations carrying out "significant military manoeuvres" from the Black Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.

A statement on the Nato website said.

"These sizeable Russian flights represent an unusual level of air activity over European airspace."

– Nato statement
A Bear is intercepted by RAF jets on an earlier incursion into UK airspace. Credit: PA/MOD

The two Russian Bears headed towards the UK without filing flight-plans where they were picked up by the RAF Control and Reporting Centre at Boulmer in Northumberland, which scrambled the Typhoons.

"The RAF Typhoon pilots visually identified the Russian aircraft and escorted them through the UK flight information region," the Ministry of Defence said.

The Bears continued on over the Atlantic to the west of Portugal, where they were intercepted by Portuguese Air Force F-16s before turning back.

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Audio: RAF pilot 'confronts Latvian plane'

Aviation enthusiasts EGXWinfo Group have posted an audio clip online, which they claim to be a recording of an RAF pilot trying to make contact with the Latvian plane.

In it, the pilot warns that the plane will be shot down if it does not follow his instructions.

The Ministry of Defence refused to confirm or deny whether the audio was genuine.

Audio from SoundCloud/The EGXWinfo Group

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