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Shakespeare's Richard III was 'complete fabrication'

Paul Daneman played Shakespeare's Richard III in a 1960 BBC adaption. Credit: PA

Enthusiasts of Richard III have said a study examining his spine has shown the Shakespearean description of him as a "bunch-backed toad" is a "complete fabrication".

Scientists from the University of Leicester's School of Archaelogy and Ancient History produced a 3D reconstruction of the king's spine after his skeleton was found beneath a Leicester car park.

Dr Phil Stone, chairman of the Richard III Society, said it is "yet more proof that, while the plays are splendid dramas, they are also most certainly fiction not fact."


'No justice' for Richard III says 16th great-niece

Vanessa Roe, who believes she is the 16th great-niece of Richard III, tells ITV News she feels 'no justice' has been done for the former King of England after the High Court ruled he should be buried in Leicester and not York.

Richard III burial decision 'highly regrettable'

A mock up of Richard III based on research from the Society of Antiquaries. Credit: PA

The lawyer who spearheaded Richard III's descendants' legal challenge has described the High Court decision as "highly regrettable".

Matthew Howarth, partner at Yorkshire law firm Gordons, said his clients were now considering appealing against the ruling.

Mr Howarth said: "We obviously respect and accept today's verdict, and are grateful to have had the opportunity to raise this matter before the courts, but are naturally disappointed at the decision, which we regard as highly regrettable."

Leicester 'proud' to bury Richard III

Leicester Cathedral where Richard III will now be buried. Credit: PA

Nick Rushton, leader of Leicestershire County Council, said: "I'm glad the waiting is over and the issue is finally settled.

"It has been a very undignified time as you must remember this is the body of a man - and a king of England. He deserves to be buried with dignity and honour in Leicester Cathedral.

"Next year it will be 530 years since Richard III died at Bosworth - the last King to die in battle - and it will be with great pride that the people of Leicestershire will be part of the ceremony."


Richard III court battle was 'waste of time and money'

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling. Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has blasted Plantagenet Alliance, the group who fought to have Richard III buried in York, for wasting taxpayers money.

He said he was pleased with the High Court's decision to rebury the King's remains in Leicester, where they were found.

He added: "I am frustrated and angry that the Plantagenet Alliance - a group with tenuous claims to being relatives of Richard III - have taken up so much time and public money."

Richard III to get 'dignified' burial in Leicester

Portrait of Richard III. Credit: University of Leicester

The remains of King Richard III will be buried in Leicester, where his remains were found in a car park.

Three High Court judges ruled they should stay there rather than be returned to his descendants.

They said it was "time for King Richard III to be given a dignified reburial, and finally laid to rest".

It is thought the remains will now be buried at Leicester Cathedral.

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City Mayor: 'It is now in hands of Cathedral'

The Leicester City Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby, said:

"After the frustration of recent months it is now in the hands of the Cathedral to make proper provision for the re-interment of Richard III, and that his remains would be laid in a tomb fit for a king."

Speakers at the King Richard III press conference, including the city's mayor (pictured fourth from left) Credit: ITV News Central
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