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Krystle's family 'believed she survived due to ID mix-up'

Krystle Campbell, the second victim to be named following the Boston bombings, was a 29-year-old restaurant manager from nearby Arlington.

Her father earlier described her as a "wonderful, wonderful girl".

Krystle Campbell from Arlington has been named as the second victim of the Boston bombings. Credit: Facebook

Yahoo! News reports that Krystle was waiting at the finish line with a friend, Karen, waiting for Karen's boyfriend to complete the race when the bombs exploded.

It says officials at first thought Krystle had survived the blasts and that Karen had died after she was found carrying Krystle's ID.

The report says Krystle's parents were ushered into a hospital room where they found Karen lying seriously injured.

They then reported their daughter missing and later found she was among the dead.


Boston victim Krystle Campbell was 'a wonderful girl'

The father of Boston bombings victim Krystle Campbell - William Campbell - has told Yahoo! News: "My daughter was the most lovable girl.

"She helped everybody, and I'm just so shocked right now. We're just devastated.

"She was a wonderful, wonderful girl. Always willing to lend a hand."

Krystle Campbell from Arlington was killed in the Boston bombings. Credit: Facebook

Krystle - a 29-year-old restaurant manager from Arlington, Boston - was at the finish line with her friend to take a photograph of her friend's boyfriend finish the marathon when the explosions happened.