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Labour hustings plunged into darkness as lights go out

The lights went out at the Labour leadership hustings during a question about energy supply plunging the room into darkness.

Members of the audience took their phones out to use as torches.

Some took to social media to question whether it was a metaphor for the party's future.

Others poked fun at the similarities with The Sun's infamous 1992 headline: "If Kinnock wins today will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights."


More than 180,000 sign up to vote in Labour election

Current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn Credit: Reuters

In total, there have been 183,541 applications made to the Labour Party in the last 48 hours, to sign up as registered supporters.

Registered supporters who paid the £25 fee will have the right to vote in the upcoming leadership election between current leader Jeremy Corbyn, and Labour MP Owen Smith.

The vote is also open to those who joined before January 12, as well as affiliated supporters from unions and other organisations.

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn said it was "reasonable to assume" that a large amount of new registrations come from supporters of the veteran MP.

Jeremy Corbyn faces challenge from Owen Smith

Owen Smith is challenging Jeremy Corbyn over leadership of the Labour Party Credit: Reuters

The Labour Party have confirmed that Owen Smith will be the sole challenger to Jeremy Corbyn for leader of the party, after Angela Eagle backed out of the contest.

A Labour spokesperson said: "The nominations for candidates in the 2016 Labour Leadership contest by members of the PLP and EPLP closed at 5pm today. The nominations have been officially accepted and received.

"Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith are the Labour Leadership candidates."

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