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Corbyn dismisses criticism from David Miliband

Jeremy Corbyn dismissed suggestions that he should withdraw from the leadership race for the good of the party.

Responding to earlier criticism from David Miliband, he told ITV News' Political Correspondent Lewis Vaughan Jones:

"Miliband lives in New York and may be unaware of the excitement that the leadership contest has aroused in Britain."

He also reacted angrily to suggestions that the 600,000 registered voters were unrepresentative of the country as a whole.

Labour: Nursery costs rose 36% under Conservatives

The Labour party has responded to the launch of the Conservative party manifesto, hitting out at David Cameron's pledge to provide 30 hours of free childcare a week for three and four-year-olds.

It said that the Conservatives have raised the cost of nursery places by 36% and cut 40,000 childcare places over the past five years in coalition.


One seat to Ukip, two to Labour in North East

Ukip have won a new seat in the North East in the European elections, with the party's General Secretary Jonathon Arnott being elected.Labour's Judith Kirton-Darling and Paul Brannen have also been elected

In 2009 the seats were split three ways between Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.

Labour party to cut ties with Co-operative bank

The Labour party is looking to end its long-standing relationship with the troubled Co-operative Bank, which stretches back to 1920.

The Labour party wants to cut its ties with the Co-operative bank Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Labour's general secretary Iain McNicol is understood to want to move a £1.2 million loan from the Co-op to the trade union-controlled Unity Trust Bank and current accounts are also likely to be shifted, according to PA.

The move comes after a tumultuous period for the bank, which has seen record losses and the resignation of chairman Paul Flowers, who is now facing drug possession charges.

Labour said the change of loan provider was for "commercial reasons", but the controversy gripping the Co-op over the past year is thought to have strained relations.

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