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McDonnell: Corbyn will stay as leader despite challenge

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told Labour MPs to 'calm down'. Credit: Rick Findler / PA Wire

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is likely to face a leadership challenge in "the next few days" but he will survive it.

Mr McDonnell appealed to the party's MPs to "calm down" and settle Labour's differences through a democratic process.

Answering questions following a speech in London he said Mr Corbyn is "staying as the leader of the Labour Party" and if there was a contest he could win.

He added that it was "really disappointing" that frontbenchers had quit at a time when the country needed stability.

Corbyn 'cannot lead', former Labour adviser says

Ed Miliband's former adviser, Tom Baldwin, has urged Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to stand down and do what is right "for the party and the country".

Mr Baldwin told Good Morning Britain that Mr Corbyn "cannot lead anymore".

He cannot lead the party or MPs anymore, but if he goes into a leadership election he may well be re-elected by those members.

In these circumstances a responsible leader, someone who has the party's interests at heart, has to recognise he can no longer lead.

– Ed Miliband's former adviser, Tom Baldwin

Poll: Jeremy Corbyn losing support among members

Support for Jeremy Corbyn is falling among Labour members according to a poll. Credit: Rick Findler / PA Wire

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is losing support among party members according to a YouGov poll for The Times.

The survey, carried out between Monday and Thursday as Mr Corbyn came under fire from MPs and suffered several resignations from his shadow cabinet, found 50% of Labour members support him as leader but 47% do not.

It's a significant drop compared to the 64% to 33% lead Mr Corbyn enjoyed in May.

Former shadow business secretary Angela Eagle, who was the most senior member of the shadow cabinet to quit, is delaying her expected leadership challenge to Mr Corbyn.

She was expected to announce her candidacy on Thursday.

The YouGov poll indicated that Mr Corbyn would beat Ms Eagle by 50% to 40% if they went head to head.

According to the survey 51% of the party's members still believed Mr Corbyn was doing well, with 48% saying he was doing badly.

Some 44% said he should step down now as leader but 60% said he should lead the party into the next general election.

YouGov surveyed 1,203 Labour Party members between June 27th and 30th.


McDonnell to spearhead Labour's Brexit fightback after resignations

John McDonnell will lay out the Labour party's response to the EU referendum today. Credit: Nick Ansell/PA

John McDonnell is set to spearhead Labour's Brexit fightback today in a reported attempt to show the party can still function as an effective opposition despite the recent mass resignation of its MPs.

The shadow chancellor will lay out the party's response to the EU referendum in a speech in London in the wake of criticism of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's performance during the Brexit campaign.

It comes as Mr Corbyn vowed to stay on despite the threat of a challenge to his position and the resignation of several frontbenchers in protest at his leadership.

Labour Party sees membership rise by 60,000

Credit: Reuters

With Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn facing an impending leadership challenge, party sources have said that around 60,000 new members have signed up to the party in the last week.

Both factions of the party - those that support Mr Corbyn, and those that believe he should step down - have been encouraging people on social media to sign up to vote either for or against him.

Rebelling MPs 'not welcome' at Durham Miners' Gala

Durham Miners make their way to the Gala in 2012 Credit: PA

Labour MPs who have rebelled against leader Jeremy Corbyn have been told that they are not welcome at the Durham Miners' Gala.

The Durham Miners' Association secretary Davey Hopper said the 172 Labour MPs who voted no confidence in Mr Corbyn were trying to embarrass him.

Mr Hopper said: "The MPs who have plotted the coup, we just don't want them to be on the platform. They are trying to humiliate the man."

He said that letters had been sent to MPs who refused to back Mr Corbyn, to tell them they are not welcome at the event, which takes place next week.

"Most of the British people like fair play, they don't like deceit and treachery," he added.

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