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EU Referendum: Labour launches Remain battlebus

Jeremy Corbyn has launched Labour's 'Remain' in the EU campaign.

Jeremy Corbyn launches Labour's 'In for Britain' battlebus

Revealing a Labour 'In for Britain' battlebus, the Labour leader said the party's campaign will be to remain but would also be "setting out a stall of what we want in the future".

We want to protect the workers' rights we have achieved, the paid holiday and the anti-discrimination issues.

We want to stand up for the rights of people all across this continent on a human rights agenda.

And above all, we want to defend the environment across Europe.

– Jeremy Corbyn

Yvette Cooper critical of Labour's election performance

Labour MP Yvette Cooper has said Labour are "hanging on" in some parts of the UK following last Thursday's election, and it's "not enough".

Despite Sadiq Khan winning the London Mayoral election, Labour lost 18 councils in England, 13 in Scotland and one in Wales - a result that has led to criticism of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

Reacting to shadow chancellor John McDonnell's comments that Jeremy Corbyn's critics should "get behind us and stop carping", Cooper said the party should be "honest" about Labour's position, and "how far" they have to go.

Corbyn challenge 'as likely as a snowstorm in the Sahara'

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his deputy Tom Watson Credit: PA

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has dismissed the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn facing a leadership challenge and has called for "patience" after a "mixed bag" of election results.

Writing in the Sunday Mirror, Mr Watson said a leadership challenge was "about as likely as a snowstorm in the Sahara".

But he acknowledged that "Labour still has a mountain to climb if we are to return to Government in 2020".

"If there is one quality Labour Party members will need as we seek to return to Downing Street it is patience.

"Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of our party eight months ago with an overwhelming mandate to take the party in a new direction.

"But that won't happen overnight. Our share of the vote was higher than it was a year ago, when we suffered a painful election defeat.

"That's why a leadership challenge is about as likelyas a snowstorm in the Sahara", he added.


Sadiq Khan's first function to be at Holocaust memorial

Sadiq Khan will visit a Holocaust Remembrance Day service Credit: PA

Sadiq Khan's first public engagement since being installed as Mayor of London on Saturday will be at a Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony.

Mr Khan will appear at the event in Barnet, north London, alongside a number of prominent figures in the Jewish community to commemorate the millions slaughtered during the Nazi genocide.

Up to six millions Jews are known to have been killed in the Holocaust during the Second World War.

The appearance comes after Mr Khan took a strong stance against anti-Semitism during the racism scandal which engulfed the Labour Party in recent weeks.

Sadiq hails mayoral win a 'victory for hope over fear'

Sadiq Khan has been elected London's new mayor. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA

Newly elected London mayor Sadiq Khan has hailed the announcement that he had won the capital's mayoral race as a "victory for hope over fear and for unity over division".

In a message of thanks posted to supporters on his Twitter page in the early hours of Saturday morning, shortly after he broke the Conservatives' eight-year hold on City Hall, Khan also hailed the win as "an amazing victory".

He also linked to his website where his full message of thanks was printed:

Thank you!

Today was an amazing victory for hope over fear and for unity over division – and it simply would not have been possible without your help.

This victory is not about me. It's about the millions of Londoners whose lives we can improve by building more affordable homes, freezing fares, restoring community policing and cleaning up our toxic air.

Thanks to the time, money and support you gave, we were able to overcome a desperate and nasty Tory campaign. We've sent a strong message that the politics of fear are not welcome in London.

Now the hard work starts. Let's make London even better for all Londoners.

– London mayor Sadiq Khan

Welsh first minister welcomes Ukip's Neil Hamilton

Newly elected to the Welsh Assembly, Ukip member Neil Hamilton shook hands with Wales first minister Carwyn Jones outside the Senndd building.

The sight of the first minister welcoming Mr Hamilton would have been an unusual one for the Welsh electorate.

The former member of the Conservative party lost his seat in 1997 after becoming embroiled in the cash for questions scandal, but has now found himself back in public office as representative for Mid and West Wales.

Mr Hamilton, along with another former Tory, Mark Reckless, were among seven UKIP AMs elected via the regional lists.

Labour secures fifth successive Welsh Assembly term

First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones. Credit: Press Association

The Labour Party is preparing for a fifth successive Welsh Assembly term after winning 29 seats from a possible 60 following the declaration of the last result - in an election which also saw UKIP claim its place in the Senedd for the first time ever.

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