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In his latest blog our Political Editor, Peter MacMahon, looks back at the SNP's history and their biggest challenge to date.

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'In 2016, Scotland will become an independent country'

There are many different colours and threads woven into the Scottish tartan and all must be celebrated we need to mobilise all of the talents and all of the potential of all of our people and we have to reflect that in how we will proceed after September 18th and the approach we will take to bring Scottish together as we attempt to move forward.

...In March 2016, Scotland will become an independent country and join the international family of nations.

– First Minister Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond draws laughs with 'Darth Vader & Daleks'

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond poked fun at Lord Robertson's comments that a Yes vote for independence would be welcomed by the “forces of darkness” at his address today, joking that the "Daleks ain't too happy".

He called the No campaign, "totally laughable and completely ludicrous."

Thee 'No' campaign is "miserable, negative, depressing and the most thoroughly boring campaign in political history," he added.

Salmond: Westminster is running Scotland down

Freed from Westminster control we'll have the chance to return to core values, many of which, we in this party, many of which we share.

But there is something the Scottish National Party will never agree to, will never be a part of, something we'll campaign against with every fibre of our being: The leadership of the Labour party - a hand in glove with the Tories and the shameful attempt to run Scotland and it's people down and this is the difference.

The Westminster establishment telling Scots what we can't do, running Scotland down.

The SNP stressing what we can do, building Scotland up.

– First Minister Alex Salmond

Salmond: Let's have a debate on independence now

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has challengded Prime Minister David Cameron to a debate on Scottish independence "now" at his party's conference.

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond today. Credit: Pool

He said: "Prime Minister, we can drum up a crowd for you in Scotland, all you have to say yes to is a debate."


Vote not for SNP but for Scotland's future says Salmond

Alex Salmond is to echo his deputy's call for Labour voters to back Scottish independence, saying a Yes vote is not about the SNP.

At his party's conference in Aberdeen the Scottish First Minister will say "a Yes vote in September is not a vote for me, or for an SNP government in 2016.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon used her own speech yesterday to reach out to Labour supporters, as ITV News' Martin Geissler reports.

Salmond will also say that independence negotiations between Scotland and the rest of the UK could start within days of a Yes vote in the referendum.

He will say that if there is a Yes vote in the referendum "an all-party 'Team Scotland' negotiating group, including non-SNP members, will be convened".

Scots 'should use heart and head' to cast vote

The Yes campaign for an independent Scotland is "neck-and-neck" with the No campaign, the SNP chairman has told Daybreak.

Derek Mackay said he believed that there was already "momentum" for the campaign, adding that "it's about getting the government that the people of Scotland vote for".

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Sturgeon's call to Labour voters is 'desperate'

Scottish Labour party has "rejected" a call made by Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, urging supporters to vote Yes in the independence referendum. Ms Sturgeon is due to address Labour voters at the SNP's spring conference today. Labour constitution spokesman Drew Smith said:

This is both desperate and dishonest from Nicola Sturgeon, who will clearly say anything to persuade people to vote to break up the United Kingdom.

The Scottish Labour Party works in partnership with people all over the UK and beyond who share our values of fairness and equality and we reject Nicola Sturgeon's narrow politics of division and grievance.

Sturgeon: Labour 'will be free to make decisions'

The Scottish National Party will urge Labour supporters to "reclaim" the party by voting Yes in the independence referendum. Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who is to address supporters during a keynote address at the SNP's spring conference, will say today:

To every Labour voter in the country, I say this: The Yes campaign is not asking you to leave your party. Instead it offers you the chance to get your party back.

An independent Scotland will not mean the end of Labour but might mean a rejuvenated Labour, a Labour Party free to make its own decisions, a Labour Party that no longer needs to dance a Westminster tune.

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