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Yes vote will give young Scots 'more opportunities'

Young people will have more opportunities than any generation of Scots if the country votes for independence said the Deputy First Minister.

Deputy Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA

On the campaign trail in Glasgow, Nicola Sturgeon said: "Scotland's one of the richest countries in the world - wealthier per head than France, the UK and Japan."

She added: "But for far too many people in Scotland it doesn't feel that way. More and more young people are finding out about the opportunities of independence and are deciding to vote Yes."

Sturgeon said that economic opportunities outside of Scotland would continue with a Yes vote, but added that they would be able to tailor job creating powers to Scotland rather than London.

She added: "A Yes vote is the opportunity of a lifetime for young people. We're better off with Scotland's future in Scotland's hands."

Scottish independence battle fought on welfare debate

Welfare has been the key battleground in the run-up to the Scottish independence referendum today.

Benefit payments affect thousands thought to be undecided over how to vote.

Better Together supporters claim promises made by the Yes camp will cost the country heavily.

ITV News Scotland correspondent Debi Edward looks at whether Scotland will be richer or poorer if they vote for independence:


Miliband asks Labour voters to back 'No' campaign

Ed Miliband has appealed to Labour voters in Scotland to get behind the 'No' campaign, and oppose the break up of the union.
Alex Salmond claims Labour supporters worried about the prospect of another Conservative government are turning to the 'Yes' campaign.

ITV News correspondent Martin Geissler reports from Lanarkshire:

Salmond: I don't see Miliband has any credibility left

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond claimed Ed Miliband does not have "any credibility left" after the Labour leader said it was his party that would bring about the change Scotland needs.

"The Labour Party have pledged to continue the austerity of the Conservatives," Salmond said.

"They are also in bed with the Tories in this [No] campaign, so I don't see that Ed Miliband has any credibility left," he added.

Miliband urges Labour voters to say No in referendum

Ed Miliband has urged Labour voters considering backing independence in the referendum to vote No so he can build a fairer Scotland within the UK.

The Labour leader travelled to Lanarkshire, where party founder Keir Hardie was born, to make a passionate plea ahead of the vote on 18 September.

Ed Miliband addresses Labour voters in Scotland.

Mr Miliband insisted it was his party, and not Alex Salmond's SNP, that would bring about the change the country needs.

"I know the way to get rid of this Tory government, that is to vote No and to elect a Labour government, and that is what I believe is going to happen," he said.

Miliband urges 'vote No on the 18th and Labour in May'

Labour leader Ed Miliband has written on Twitter ahead of his speech in Scotland:


Miliband: Labour can give Scotland the change it needs

Ed Miliband is set to tell Scottish voters that a Labour government next year will provide the change they need rather than "erecting a new border" with independence.

With just two weeks to go until the vote on Scotland's future, the Labour leader will travel north of the border in a bid to persuade people to back the union.

Labour leader Ed Miliband will speak in Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, later today. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

It comes as Scottish nationalists claim that a growing number of Labour supporters will vote Yes on 18 September.

Last week, Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond said "hundreds of thousands" could back independence.

Miliband: Women should make up 50% of Labour MPs

Ed Miliband has said half of Labour's MPs in the future should be women, as well as half of the party's front bench team.

A group picture of Labour's female MPs outside Parliament in 2007. Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Archive/Press Association Images

In an interview with Tony Blair's former spin doctor Alastair Campbell for the October edition of Red, he said: "We've got to get to 50% in the future, and we've got to get to 50% of women MPs in parliament for Labour."

He also said it was "right" to seek to raise the number of women in the shadow cabinet from its current level of 40%.

Where would Wright stand without Labour backing?

When I spoke to Shaun Wright this morning he was adamant that he won't be resigning. Speaking to his office this evening, they are equally adamant they are not going to be making any statement tonight, or indeed tomorrow morning. Make of that what you will. They did, however, anticipate the fact that the Labour party HQ will be making a statement on their own account.

Of course, he can't be forced out of office - he is an elected official. If he hasn't committed any criminal offence he can't be forced out.

He can conceivably stay in post as an independent without the backing of the Labour party. But if Shaun Wright does not have the backing of the people of Rotherham, if he does not have the backing of the people of South Yorkshire, you have to wonder exactly what kind of job he could possible do.

Labour to suspend PCC if he hasn't resigned by morning

Labour will suspend South Yorkshire's police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright from the party if he has not resigned by the morning, PA reports citing an unnamed Labour source.

The source is quoted as saying: "We have given Shaun Wright time to reflect. If he has not resigned by morning, we will suspend him from the Labour Party."

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