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Corbyn: It's a choice of hope or fear

Jeremy Corbyn promised an NHS free at the point-of-use and an economy that works for all during a final campaign push before the election.

In his second rally of the day, the Labour leader told crowds in Runcorn that "never before has there been a clearer choice in British politics about which way we go".

He added that five more years of the Conservatives would mean "five more years of NHS cuts".

Mr Corbyn went on to promise free school meals for every child in every primary school because "hungry children don't learn".


Clegg accuses main parties of 'pact of silence' on Brexit

Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg has accused Labour and the Conservatives of following a "pact of silence" over Brexit that leaves voters short changed.

The former Lib Dem leader claimed that the two main parties had "colluded to evade all meaningful scrutiny of their Brexit plans - if indeed they have any."

Both now have "more or less identical" stances: pledging to pull out of the common market, end freedom of movement and deny the people a vote on the final exit deal, he said.

The truth is there has been a pact of silence on Brexit between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

It is one of the most cynical acts of political collusion between the two larger parties in a generation.

– Nick Clegg


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