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Miliband: We're a country of food banks and bank bonuses

Ed Miliband has claimed Britain is "a country of food banks and bank bonuses" as he set out Labour's stand for the General Election.

Ed Miliband addresses Labour party supporters in Salford. Credit: Pool

"They [the Conservatives] call that a success," Miliband told Labour supporters in Salford.

"Well I don't and the British people don't either," he added.


Miliband: Election choice 'between hope and falsehood'

Ed Miliband has hit back at a Tory attack on his party's spending plans, saying the election will be a choice between "hope with us and falsehood from the Conservatives."

The Labour leader told BBC's Breakfast: "The Tories are saying that they want to go back to 1930s levels of public spending as a share of our national income, that's levels of national income not seen for 80 years or so in our country.

Ed Miliband will address Labour party supporters in Salford to mark the launch of his election drive. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

"I don't believe you can protect the NHS with that kind of plan. It's extreme, it's ideological and I think it will be really bad and damaging for our public services."

Setting out his plans for more integration between health and social care, Miliband insisted that Labour's proposals for a £2.5 billion annual funding boost would ensure the NHS is sustainable.

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The sound track to the General Election

The sound track to the General Election Credit: Dan Kitwood/PA Wire

In case you wondered, this is what the General Election will sound like....

  • Conservatives; only we can protect the Economy.
  • Labour; only we can protect the NHS.
  • Liberal Democrats; only we can protect you from those two.
  • UKIP; only we can protect you from Europe.
  • SNP; only we can protect Scotland.
  • Greens; only we can protect the Environment.

The exciting thing is that no one, but no one, quite knows what the British electorate most wants protected, and we won't find out until the 8th of May.


Blair says his left-wing warning to Miliband is not right

Tony Blair has denied saying Labour leader Ed Miliband is too left wing to win the next General Election.

The former Labour prime minister told a magazine his party was "traditionally" defeated at the ballot box when presenting "traditional" left-wing policies against "traditional" right-wing opposition.

But Mr Blair took to Twitter to say the comments mis-represented his faith in Mr Miliband's ability to win the 2015 election, as ITV News Political Correspondent Emily Morgan reports.

Tony Blair: Miliband remarks 'mis-interpreted'

Tony Blair says his comments about Ed Miliband's chances of winning a general election have been "mis-interpreted".

He had been seen as casting doubt on whether Labour can win the general election fighting on Ed Miliband's "traditional left-wing" platform.

The former prime minister's remarks, in which he acknowledged there was "obviously a difference" between his politics and those of the current leader, came as Mr Miliband appealed to voters ahead of May's poll by offering an economic recovery which "reaches your kitchen table".

Mandelson: Labour must spell out spending cuts plans

Labour's shadow cabinet ministers should clearly set out how they will cut spending in their departments, Lord Mandelson has said.

Lord Mandelson appearing on the Andrew Marr Show. Credit: BBC/The Andrew Marr Show

The former Cabinet minister, one of the architects of New Labour, said the party had to position itself in the centre and not be swayed by the rise of "marginal parties" like Ukip.

Lord Mandelson praised Ed Miliband for speaking out on the deficit, but also indicated he would like to see the leader's older brother - and former rival - David return to British politics.

He told BBC1's Andrew Marr Show that the Labour leader and shadow chancellor Ed Balls had set out a "sensible and reasonable" position on reducing the deficit, but the rest of the party needed to back him up.

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