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Abbott 'surprised' at Eagle's criticism of Corbyn

Diane Abbott Credit: PA Wire

Diane Abbott has said she is "surprised" that shadow defence secretary Maria Eagle has criticised Jeremy Corbyn for "making his position clear" on Trident.

Eagle said the comments the Labour leader had made, saying he would never launch a nuclear strike if he was prime minister, were "unhelpful" and "undermined" attempts to get a policy process going.

Maria Eagle criticises Corbyn over nuclear comments

Maria Eagle Credit: PA Wire

Shadow defence secretary Maria Eagle has criticised Jeremy Corbyn for saying he would not launch a nuclear strike if he was prime minister.

The Labour leader, who said he could "obviously" imagine being in Number 10, stressed he has a mandate from party members for his opposition to renewing the Trident nuclear deterrent.

But shadow defence secretary Maria Eagle said the comments were unhelpful and said they "undermined to some degree" the review she is carrying out of the party's defence policy.

Ms Eagle told the BBC that Labour's current policy is in favour of retaining a nuclear deterrent, adding: "I don't think that a potential prime minister answering a question like that, in the way in which he did, is helpful."


Shadow chancellor to visit threatened Redcar plant

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell will visit a Redcar steel plant which is set to close with the loss of up to 1,700 jobs.

The factory is being shut down after Thai owner SSI said it had no other choice because of plummeting steel prices.

Yesterday Mr Corbyn urged the Prime Minister to "step in" to save jobs at the plant in his party conference speech.

Jeremy Corbyn: Must be political solution to Syria crisis

Jeremy Corbyn has said there must be a political solution to the Syrian crisis.

He has already made his views on the Syria debate clear and called for a United Nations security council resolution and a fresh diplomatic push to end the violence.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Mr Corbyn said: "You don't solve every problem necessarily by going in and bombing. Basically all wars have to end with a political solution".

Speaking about his first speech as leader to the Labour party conference on Monday, he said he "did his best" to get across his views and ideas in his speech.

Asked about his outfit, Mr Corbyn said he hoped his appearance at the platform looked "reasonable".


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