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20 Labour MPs defied party and abstained in fiscal vote

Some 20 Labour MPs defied the party line and abstained from the fiscal charter vote in the House of Commons.

One of the abstainers was former shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, Chris Leslie.

ITV News Deputy Political Editor, Chris Ship is in the House of Commons:

Fiscal charter approved with 320 votes to 258

The Government's Charter for Budget Responsibility has passed through parliament with 320 votes to 258, majority of 62.

ITV News Deputy Political Editor, Chris Ship is in the House of Commons:


Shadow Chancellor admits u-turn was 'embarrassing'

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell admitted to the Commons that his u-turn on fiscal policy was 'embarrassing'.

In the debate ahead of the vote on the Conservative economic plans, which caused clashes within Labour after McDonnell reversed his stance on the policy, he added: "But a bit of humility never goes amiss".

Introducing the fiscal charter to the House, Chancellor George Osborne urged Labour MPs to rebel against the party leadership by abstaining.

He said: "We were told when [the shadow Chancellor] got the job that he would be a divisive figure, I just didn't realise that the split would be between two opposing views both held by himself."

Corbyn: I have received 2,000 emails on tax credits

Jeremy Corbyn addressing the House of Commons.

Jeremy Corbyn asked a series of questions about planned cuts to tax credits as he opened his second "People's PMQs", saying that he had received two thousand emails on the subject from members of the public in recent days.

His first question came from Kelly, a single mother to a disabled child, who was facing a cut in tax credits. Mr Corbyn asked how much worse off she would be.

The Prime Minister responded by saying Kelly would be helped the government's National Living Wage, as well as an increase in the threshold at which income tax is paid and 30 hours of free childcare introduced by the Conservatives.

Watch live: Corbyn's second Prime Minister's Questions

Jeremy Corbyn is to hold his second "People's PMQs" since becoming Labour leader.

This live stream has now finished, but you can watch a replay above.

It comes amid a row within the Labour Party over the government's plans for a fiscal charter, which will be voted on later.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell initially said he would back the proposal, before reversing the decision this week.

Labour MPs' angry response to the move prompted speculation that the party could face a rebellion over the proposal, which ties future governments to a budget surplus every year


Jeremy Corbyn confirms second 'People's PMQs'

Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed that he will again be asking questions sent in by members of the public in his second Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) as Labour leader.

Speaking ahead of the 12pm debate, Mr Corbyn tweeted that he welcomed the "change of heart" from the government after it announced the Ministry of Justice would drop a bid to sell its expertise to Saudi Arabia's prison service.

The Labour leader has been a regular critic of Saudi Arabia's human rights record, and raised in the last PMQs the case of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, a young Saudi facing the death penalty for demonstrating in the country as a 17-year-old.

McDonnell denies he faces Labour rebellion on charter

Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said he doesn't believe his party's MPs will "rise to" calls to rebel in a vote on the government's fiscal charter today.

Mr McDonnell was speaking ahead of a Commons vote on the proposed measure - which would tie the UK government to achieving a budget surplus each year from 2019/20.

Initially he had said the party would back the charter, before incurring the wrath of many of his own MPs by reversing that decision this week.

Speaking this morning, he described George Osborne's appeal for Labour MPs to rebel in the vote as a "stunt", adding "I don't think anyone will rise to it".

As he departed his home, Mr McDonnell also admitted he "probably" confused his MPs by changing his policy on George Osborne's fiscal charter, but said the party's leadership will make their position clear today.

Rebel against Corbyn, Osborne urges Labour MPs

George Osborne has appealed to Labour MPs to rebel against their leader. Credit: Isabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertainment

George Osborne has encouraged Labour MPs to rebel against leader Jeremy Corbyn and back the Conservatives' economic plans.

In an appeal ahead of a crunch Commons vote on the government's updated Charter of Responsibility, the Chancellor urged "moderate, progressive Labour MPs to defy their leadership and join with us to vote for economic sanity".

Labour has faced a difficult week after his shadow chancellor John McDonnell announced the party's official stance would be to oppose the policy - which ties future administrations to running a budget surplus.

The statement came just two weeks after Mr McDonnell had said the party would back it - with the u-turn prompting angry criticism from his own MPs.

Before the charter debate, Mr Corbyn will face David Cameron in his second Prime Minister's Questions since becoming Labour leader.

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