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Shadow attorney general Catherine McKinnell resigns

Catherine McKinnell has returned to the backbenches. Credit: PA

Shadow attorney general Catherine McKinnell has resigned from Labour's front bench, citing "concerns about the direction and internal conflict" within the party.

Ms McKinnell said she had shared leader Jeremy Corbyn's desire for a "new kind of politics".

But she told him: "As events have unfolded over recent weeks, my concerns about the direction and internal conflict within the Labour Party have only grown, and I fear this is taking us down an increasingly negative path."

She also cited the inability to speak up on matters important to her Newcastle North constituency and "the logistics of managing family life" following the birth of her third child as reasons behind her decision.


Sacking McFadden was a mistake, say former shadow ministers

Two former Labour frontbenchers who resigned after Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet reshuffle have told ITV News that it was a mistake for the party leader to sack former Europe shadow minister Pat McFadden.

Shadow Rail Minister Jonathan Reynolds said that the "majority of British people" would agree with McFadden's comments in relation to the Paris atrocities, which was seen as a thinly-veiled criticism of the party leader's line.

Shadow foreign affairs minister Stephen Doughty, who resigned shortly after Reynolds, said he would have said "exactly the same things" that McFadden said about terrorism.

I'm very dismayed at the way [Pat McFadden has] been sacked and handled in that way. I think it is only honourable given that I have the same views as him that I should step away at this time.

– Stephen Doughty MP
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