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John McDonnell warns of 'slow erosion' of economy

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell warned of a Credit: PA Photos

John McDonnell said that the slowdown in growth in the last quarter from the previous quarter showed a "slow erosion" of the British economy.

The shadow chancellor said: "Manufacturing fell back in this quarter and that's an indication of the slowdown that's happened in our economy overall.

"We've always said that we never expected an immediate crisis. What we were worried about was a slow erosion of our economy if we don't get certainty and security for the future."

In a speech on Thursday, Mr McDonnell said that the Government had to be "clear about its objectives and its approach to prevent uncertainty".

Labour: Runway plans yet to meet our test for expansion

Shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald said a decision on expansion was 'much needed'. Credit: PA

Labour has reiterated its support for another runway in south-east England
but said the Government's confirmation of plans to build a third runway at Heathrow fails to meet the party's test for expansion.

We welcome any decision that will finally give certainty on airport expansion, much needed in terms of investment and growth in our country. However the Government's announcement today is not the end - it is yet another step in the process, rather than the final detail.

Labour has consistently been in favour of building an additional runway in the South East of England, but this support has always been conditional on four tests being met: on capacity, climate change, noise and air quality and the wider national benefits. Today's announcement, heralding another consultation, does not yet do that.

– Shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald


Parliament must have vote on Brexit plan, says Benn

Hilary Benn is chairman of the Commons Brexit Committee. Credit: The Andrew Marr Show/BBC

Parliament must have a vote on the Government's Brexit plan, Hilary Benn has said.

The Government has insisted that the EU referendum result must be respected and that its negotiating strategy should not be undermined, but there are growing calls from MPs for a vote to take place.

Mr Benn, the chairman of the Commons Brexit Committee told the BBC's The Andrew Marr Show: "I think that it is right and proper that Parliament should, first of all, have a chance to express a view about what our negotiating objectives are going to be."

He added that it was "essential" that Brexit minister David Davis tell Parliament what his negotiating objectives are.

Jeremy Corbyn 'in denial of anti-Semitism in Labour'

Tim Loughton. Credit: Pool

Jeremy Corbyn is "in denial" about the extent of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party, Conservative MP Tim Loughton has said.

Mr Loughton, the acting chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, suggested the Labour leader is not doing enough to challenge anti-Semitism within Labour.

Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, Mr Loughton said: "We pay tribute to Jeremy Corbyn's long and proud record of fighting racism over many, many years - that is not in doubt.

"What we do question is his leadership in actually doing something serious about this emerging problem of anti-Semitism. Up to 50 members of the Labour Party have been suspended over the last year on his watch."

Mr Loughton added that Labour's "mismanagement" of its alleged anti-Semitism problem has "created an air of it being safe for these anti-Semites within the Labour Party to operate".

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