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Shadow minister Pat Glass to step down as MP

Labour MP Pat Glass - who was appointed shadow education secretary less than 24 hours ago - has said she will be stepping down as an MP at the next election.

Glass received death threats against her during the EU referendum campaign and in her resignation letter she said she had found the last six months "very, very difficult" and "bruising".


Chuka Umunna says PLP meeting 'catastrophic'

Chuka Umunna described the meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party as "pretty catastrophic", according to the Press Association.

Other reports say that one MP was in tears, with another holding their head in their hands, as Jeremy Corbyn refuses to resign even in the midst of a rebellion in his own party.

Jeremy Corbyn: We won't let media divide us

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn gathered in Parliament Square Credit: PA

Jeremy Corbyn has addressed supporters amid an attempted coup from members of his own party.

Notably, he did not talk about his own leadership crisis, nor the EU, but instead discussed inequality, racism, and wealth distribution.

He told supporters that he will not let 'the media' divide them.


McDonnell: 'Small number' of MPs want Jeremy out

John McDonnell has told a crowd at a protest outside Parliament that Jeremy Corbyn is not resigning just because a "small number" of MPs want him out.

Jeremy Corbyn mobbed as he walks to protest

Jeremy Corbyn has had to be helped by Metropolitan Police officers after he was mobbed by crowds on the way to a protest that his supporters have arranged.

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