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Union chief warns Corbyn's trident stance may rule him out as PM

GMB General Secretary Paul Kenny Credit: PA

The leader of one of Britain's biggest trade unions has warned Jeremy Corbyn's stance on trident may rule him out as a future prime minister.

Sir Paul Kenny, the general secretary of the GMB, said there was already a "lot of debate" around Mr Corbyn's leadership.

He told Channel 4 News: "Maybe somebody else should be given the (nuclear) button."

Nobody wants their finger on the button. But if we get to that stage, the first and most important priority for this country is the defence of the realm.

You cannot go into any argument with anybody anywhere on the basis that the other guy on the other side of the table knows you ain't going to do nothing. Straightforward.

– Sir Paul

PM: 'Labour can't be trusted with our national security'

David Cameron speaking in Jamaica Credit: ITV News

David Cameron has said Labour cannot be trusted with Britain's national security in response to Jeremy Corbyn's answer on Trident.

When Mr Corbyn was asked if he would ever press the nuclear button if he was Prime Minister, he said: "No."

Well look, the independent nuclear deterrent that we have in Britain is a vital insurance policy for our nation in what is a very dangerous world.

And frankly, the way the Labour Leader has answered that question undermines our deterrent and demonstrates that Labour can't be trusted with our national security which after all is the most important duty of government.

– David Cameron
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