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Lady Gaga's latest outfit: Huge furry mask and a beak

Lady Gaga's outift also included a spectacular furry-armed coat. Credit: Newspix/ABACA/Press Association Images

Is it a bird? Is it a giant Weetabix alien? No, it's just Lady Gaga stepping out for a stroll.

The flamboyant pop star's latest "look", unveiled in Berlin where she was launching her new album, comprises an imposing hairy hat and a golden beak.

Gaga waves to fans, although it is unclear whether she can see them. Credit: Newspix/ABACA/Press Association Images

The singer was assisted by bodyguards as she left her hotel in the German capital, leaving the impression that the eccentric headwear may have impaired her vision.

Gaga's previous outrageous outfits include a dress made of meat and a costume made of Kermit the Frogs.

Instagram raises 'concerns' over Lady Gaga's well-being

Instagram have contacted Lady Gaga over "concerns" about her well-being after members of its online community raised concerns over posts the singers has shared recently.

The singer tweeted a screenshot of the email she received along with the message "omg at this email INSTAGRAM just sent me".

Lady Gaga tweeted a screenshot from the email she received from Instagram Credit: Twitter/Lady Gaga

The email said: "Members of the Instagram community have raised concerns for your well-being after seeing posts you've shared. We're reaching out to provide you with some important safety information."

In recent days, the singer has posted handwritten notes to Instagram including "Each day I cry, I feel so low from living high", which are thought to be lyrics from a song on her forthcoming album.

Gaga does not appear to have taken the correspondence seriously, tweeting: "What the actual hell. hahahah."


Lady Gaga overtime row to go to court

A former roommate and friend Lady Gaga will take her to court over claims she was cheated out of overtime wages.

A US jury will decide whether Gaga's demands on Jennifer O'Neill left her any personal time, or whether she was on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week as she claims in her lawsuit against the pop sensation.

Lady Gaga is estimated to have earned $80 million in the first six months of 2013. Credit: Reuters

O'Neill worked for the singer in early 2009 and again from 2010 to 2011. US District Judge Paul Gardephe said both sides she agree she was expected to be available throughout each hour of the day, which potentially qualifies her for overtime compensation.

O'Neill said she was paid about $50,000 annually when she was first hired and $75,000 annually the second time by the pop singer, who is estimated in a list published by Forbes magazine to have earned $80 million in the first six months of this year.

A trial is set for November 4.

Lady Gaga thanks her fans after hip surgery

Lady Gaga has cancelled the remaining tour dates for the Born This Way Ball Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Lady Gaga has thanked her fans for their support after she had hip surgery, saying "you really gave me a lot of strength today."

In a post on, the social network dedicated to fans of Lady Gaga, she wrote:

"You really gave me a lot of strength today.

As they wheeled me into surgery today, I thought about all of your pain and perseverance, your unique family situations, school environments, health issues, homelessness, identity struggles -- sometimes you are so brave that it terrifies me.

"So I thought to myself, I'm alive, I'm living my dream, and this is just a bump in the road. I'm grateful because this is temporary, and for some it is not.

You have changed my life. I love you and am proud to be a part of your lives."

The singer has cancelled the remaining 21 dates of her Born This Way Ball tour.

Lady Gaga cancels the remainder of her tour

After postponing some Born This Way Ball shows on Tuesday night, Lady Gaga has announced that she will be cancelling the remainder of her tour, due to a 'severe' leg injury.

In a message posted on her fan site, Live Nation Global Touring confirmed "that the remainder of the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball performances have been cancelled."

Lady Gaga initially cancelled four shows of the Born This Way Ball tour Credit: Zak Hussein/PA Archive

The statement confirmed that Lady Gaga would need surgery "to repair the problem", after it was determined she had a labral tear of the right hip.

It added that she would need "strict down time to recover" and that refunds for tickets would be available.


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