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Tower of London's poppies recreated in Lego

Nick Sweetman has recreated the Tower of London's Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red. Credit: Nick Sweetman/ Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

The Tower of London's Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red installation has been recreated in Lego for Armistice Day.

Nick Sweetman created the small version out of the toy, calling his version We Will Remember Them. He says he has been "amazed and overwhelmed by the response" he has had to the miniature version.


Lego sells out of women scientist role model sets

An all female set released by Lego has sold out after the firm responded to a letter from a seven-year-old girl who wrote to complain about the lack of women.

Lego sells out of women scientist role model sets Credit: Lego

In January, Charlotte Benjamin wrote a letter to the Danish firm saying she was unhappy that male figures outnumbered female ones.

I want you to make more Lego girl people and let me go on adventures and have fun - ok!?!

– Seven-year-old Charlotte Benjamin

The new set sells in the US for $19.99 (£11.85) and comes with three women scientists, including a paleontologist, chemist and astronomer.

Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar Selfie gets the LEGO treatment

Ochre Jelly's LEGO Oscar selfie Credit: ochre_jelly/Flickr

Ellen DeGeneres' now famous Oscars selfie generated 3,250,761 retweets, but it has now been recreated by Master LEGO artist 'Ochre Jelly', AKA Iain Heath.

Ellen had also told everyone to retweet her Oscars selfie, but Iain told ITV News: "I thought she said 'rebuild' it LEGO!"

He said: "I started building the morning after the Oscars, and after a roughly 12 hour stint, it was finished."

Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars selfie on her Twitter page. Credit: Ellen Degeneres/Twitter

The Simpsons to produce Lego episode

The episode will form part of the show's 25th anniversary celebrations Credit: Lego

The Simpsons will mark its 550th episode by creating an entire episode out of Lego.

The episode - titled 'Brick Like Me' - will see Homer wake up to discover the entire town of Springfield made out of the bricks.

The episode will be shown in the US on 4th May.

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