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World's largest LEGO art exhibition opens in New York

The largest exhibition of art created using LEGO has opened in New York, featuring more than 100 sculptures made with the bricks.

New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya created Yellow, a sculpture of a man ripping open his LEGO-filled chest. Credit: Reuters

Artist Nathan Sawaya created Yellow, a sculpture of a man ripping open his LEGO-filled chest, using 11,014 pieces of LEGO.

Girl with a Pearl Earring was originally painted by Johannes Vermeer. Credit: Reuters

The exhibition also features a six-metre (20-foot) tall Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton made from 80,020 LEGO bricks - one of the largest pieces Mr Sawaya has ever made.

A LEGO sculpture of a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton at the exhibition. Credit: Reuters

He said he uses LEGO as it makes his art "accessible", adding, "Kids and families see the art and they can relate to it because we've all played with LEGO bricks at some point in our lives".

Edvard Munch's The Scream gets the LEGO treatment. Credit: Reuters

The Art of the Brick exhibition is open at Discovery Times Square.


Lego faces getting angrier, study finds

'Angry' or 'smug' faces, like the one on the left, are becoming more common on Lego characters, a study found. Credit: DPA

Lego people are getting angrier, according to a new study.

A New Zealand university academic said he studied all 6,000 mini-figures and found that angry faces have become more common since the toymakers started producing a greater variety of characters in the 1990s.

He suggested commercial partnership with the likes of the Harry Potter films and the Halo video games had led to more good and evil characters being depicted.

"But the facial expressions are not directly matched to good and evil," said Dr Christopher Bartneck of the University of Caterbury. "Even the good characters suffer in their struggle and the villains can have a smug expression."

"We cannot help but wonder how the move from only positive faces to an increasing number of negative faces impacts on how children play," he added.

LEGO enthusiasts recreate Casino Royale opening scene

The opening scene to the James Bond film Casino Royale has been meticulously recreated using LEGO characters.

The three-minute clip was produced by Bricktease, a group of LEGO enthusiasts, and posted online.

A member of the team revealed that the production took around two weekends, most of which was spent reproducing the bathroom fight scene.

The video has generated a hugely positive reaction and received over 13,000 views on YouTube.

Seven-year-old 'really impressed' after Lego letter

Luka Apps is "really impressed" that people around the world are reading his email according to a tweet from his father Simon.

Luka has become the toast of Twitter since his father posted the seven-year-old's email to Lego about a lost mini-figure which resulted in a response and a replacement.

Luka Apps pictured on Christmas eve Credit:

Since posting both the original email and response on the social network Luka has been, "slightly hyper with all the Lego stuff. Trying to calm him down to get him to school!"

Mr Apps added that; "It did indeed make his day. And now he's really impressed that people the other side of the world are reading his email."


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