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Man and woman arrested over 'preparation for terrorism'

A man and a woman were arrested in Leicester this morning on suspicion of preparing for acts of terrorism, the Metropolitan Police Service's Counter Terrorism Command has said.

The 34-year-old man and a woman, 29, were arrested at a residential address in Leicester on suspicion of preparing for acts of terrorism under section five of the Terrorism Act 2006, and making funding arrangements for the purpose of terrorism under section 17 of the Terrorism Act 2000, police said.

Both arrests were made under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (Pace). The man and woman were taken to a police station in Leicester, where they were being held in police custody.

Officers were carrying out searches at the residential address in Leicester, police added, and inquiries continue.


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Leicester manager Nigel Pearson denies being a 'bully'

Nigel Pearson denied he is a bully after his latest outburst saw the Leicester boss heavily criticised.

Look at Nigel's kind face. He's no bully. Credit: PA

The Foxes chief apologised to journalist Ian Baker for calling him an "ostrich" and "stupid" after Leicester's 3-1 defeat to Chelsea on Wednesday.

Pearson was irritated after being asked to clarify what criticism of his players had particularly upset him this season.

It was branded '#OstrichGate' on social media with the hashtag trending on Wednesday night.

But Pearson said sorry on Thursday and when asked whether he was bothered by the bad publicity and perhaps being called a bully he replied:

That is a word that is very easy to use but there you are. I am not. Fundamentally I am what I am.

Again, the model which is sometimes thrown at me as being dour and arrogant, people can have their views on that but the people who work very closely with me know me a damn sight better because I allow them to get to know me.

– Leicester manager Nigel Pearson


Nigel Pearson apologises to journalist for ostrich jibe

Leicester boss Nigel Pearson has apologised after calling a journalist an "ostrich" in a bizarre spat.

Pearson has apologised to Ian Baker. Credit: PA

The Foxes manager was involved in a discussion with writer Ian Baker after being asked to clarify his complaints over the criticism his players had received this season

Pearson then called Baker an "ostrich" because his head "must be in the stand" for not understanding Pearson's viewpoint in the post-match press conference following Leicester's 3-1 defeat to Chelsea on Wednesday.

He opened today's press conference by addressing Baker directly:

"Ian, as you’re here," Pearson said. "I apologise. I think it is right to do it in front of the cameras. I hope it doesn’t ruin our relationship.”

West Ham boss backs Pearson over ostrich rant

West Ham manager Allardyce has backed Pearson. Credit: PA

West Ham manager Sam Allardyce has defended Leicester counterpart Nigel Pearson after he was branded a bully for a bizarre press conference in which he labelled a journalist "an ostrich".

Allardyce, speaking at his press conference ahead of West Ham's game against Burnley on Saturday, leapt to the defence of his fellow manager and hit out at the furore created around this latest incident.

When you are down there dealing with the pressures that come upon in terms of staying in the Premier League, I think it is a huge pressure for everybody to continue to work under that situation and come through it.

What surprises me is this condescending attitude about what should happen to Nigel that I have been hearing about this morning. People have been talking about bullying and stuff like that - what a load of rubbish. It's an outburst. Simple as that, plain and simple.

But I listen to the world of the media and sometimes it really does baffle me what they come out with in terms of what he should or shouldn't be doing.

– West Ham boss Sam Allardyce.
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