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Ex-soldier jailed for causing his baby daughter's death

Liam Culverhouse is expected to serve half of a six-year sentence. Credit: ITV News Angia

Former soldier Liam Culverhouse has been jailed for six years for causing his baby daughter's death.

His 19-month-old daughter Khloe Abrams died in November 2012 after suffering "multiple fractures to her skull, limbs and wrist" in an earlier assault.

The 25-year-old, who is expected to serve half of the sentence, had admitted causing the injuries eighteen months before she died in May 2011.

Mr Culverhouse was shot and blinded in one eye by a rogue policeman in Afghanistan in 2009 and is said to have suffered "significant psychiatric and psychological damage" as a result.


Ex-soldier's child's injuries consistent with 'shaking'


Injuries found on Khloe were consistent with "shaking, impact type of injury"


Khloe had "multiple fractures to skull, limbs and wrist" which were "highly indicative of non-accidental injuries" #culverhouse

Ex-soldier sustained 'serious' injuries in Afghanistan


Liam culverhouse sustained "very serious" injuries in Afghanistan in 2009.


As result of injuries Liam Culverhouse had "significant psychiatric and psychological damage" he was "hyper-vigilant, irritable & angry"

Ex-soldier accepts he caused injuries that killed child

ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn is at the sentencing of an ex-soldier who has pleaded guilty to causing the death of his 19-month-old daughter Khloe.


Liam Culverhouse accepts that he caused the life threatening injuries that led to the death of his daughter Khloe


Khloe Culverhouse died from pneumonia 18 months after she sustained the injuries

Sentencing for ex-soldier over death of baby daughter

Liam Culverhouse is seen during a previous court appearance Credit: ITV News Anglia

Former soldier Liam Culverhouse is being sentenced after admitting causing or allowing the death of his baby daughter.

His 19-month-old daughter Khloe Abrams in November 2012, eighteen months after suffering trauma in an assault.



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