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'Insufficient evidence' to prosecute Fox adviser

Following an investigation by City of London Police, we have decided that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute Mr Adam Werritty for any alleged offences.

The matters referred to us involved the alleged misuse of Mr Werritty's business cards and of funds donated to his business.

These are matters which have been widely reported. In accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors, we have advised City of London Police that there is insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.

– Andrew Penhale, Crown Prosecution Service


'Conservative Voice will work with leadership'

Conservative Voice is the first political initiative in a very long time that provides a home for the professional and voluntary wings of the Conservative party and who are united in their belief in popular, radical conservatism.

Our aim is to encourage seriously ambitious policy development and to help improve the party's campaigning edge in really practical ways. Our approach is to work from inside the party and alongside the leadership, and to actively engage with think tanks, campaigning organisations, academics and business people.

– David Davis, MP

New Conservative group hopes to unite grassroots activists

The new group is intended to unite grassroots Tory activists and more senior politicians who;

support the Conservative agenda of individual aspiration, small government, low taxes, a broad rather than deep relationship with Europe, more direct accountability to voters and radical thinking on providing public services and tackling the country's social and economic challenges.

As well as Mr Davis and Dr Fox, other MPs named as backers are Conor Burns, Robert Halfon, Priti Patel and Dominic Raab.

Conservative Voice launch 'radical' policy campaign

Two Tory big beasts are launching a group campaigning for "radical" policies, amid pressure on David Cameron's leadership.

Liam Fox, David Cameron and David Davis Credit: PA

David Davis and Liam Fox will unveil Conservative Voice, urging the party to show "serious ambition".

Although organisers insist the group will work alongside the leadership, the move comes with the Prime Minister struggling to placate Conservative traditionalists from two former front-benchers who ran against him for the party leadership.


Miliband ridicules PM over stance on Europe

Labour leader Ed Miliband has mocked David Cameron's stance on an EU referendum.

He told MPs that the Prime Minister was trying to appease the divisions in his own party, rather than acting in the interests of the nation.

Mr Miliband accused the PM of having a "hokey cokey weekend".

Three days, three positions. First it was no, then it was yes, then it was maybe.

Has there been a change in the Government's position, yes or no?

A nudge, nudge, wink, wink European policy is neither good for the country nor will it keep his party quiet.

PM rules out quick referendum on EU

David Cameron has risked angering Tory backbenchers by again refusing to back a quick poll on Britain's membership of the European Union.

The PM said he did not believe that voting to leave the EU would be the best thing for the country.

The right path for Britain is this. First, recognise that in the short term the priority for Europe is to deal with the instability and chaos.

Second, over time take the opportunities for Britain to shape its relationship with Europe in ways that advance our national interest in free trade, open markets and co-operation.

Third, all party leaders will have to address this question.

But it follows from my argument that far from ruling out a referendum for the future as a fresh deal in Europe becomes clear, we should consider how best to get the full consent of the British people.

Further treaty changes would make European referendum 'inevitable', says Liam Fox

Former defence secretary Liam Fox also said he favoured cuts to public spending. Credit: PA Wire/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Former defence secretary Liam Fox said if there were further treaty changes, a referendum on Europe would be inevitable.

He said he favoured cuts to public spending to fund tax cuts.

Speaking to Dermot Murnaghan on Sky News, Dr Fox said: "Clearly, if there were further changes that would have to be put to a referendum in Britain.

"But the whole eurozone problem was entirely predictable. They wouldn't decide whether it was a political project or an economic project. They are still not doing so.

"It now looks very wise from (former prime minister) John Major at the outset to say 'who would go into anything that didn't have an exit'.

"How right he was to disregard the advice of the Labour Party at the time and keep us out of the single currency."

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