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Watch live: Tim Farron speaks at Lib Dem party conference

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron is expected to urge members to prepare for a return to government in 2020, as he addresses the party conference today.

He is due to tell the meeting that "power is tough but worth it", as he highlights the policies the Lib Dems managed to push through while in coalition with the Conservatives.

This event has now finished.


Farron: Lib Dems should prepare for return to government

Tim Farron will make his first major address to the Liberal Democrat conference as party leader on Wednesday. Credit: PA

The Liberal Democrats should prepare for a return to government in 2020, even if it means doing a deal with the Conservatives, leader Tim Farron will tell the party's conference on Wednesday.

Mr Farron will tell activists "power is tough but worth it" and stress the importance of putting principle into practice.

After five years in coalition with the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats were reduced to just eight MPs in May's general election, resulting in Nick Clegg resigning as party leader and being replaced by Mr Farron.

In his speech, Mr Farron is expected to highlight success on boosting the personal tax allowance and gay marriage, as well as acknowledging his party made mistakes in office.

"I am proud of what we did in government and I am determined we will return to government," he will say.

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