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Irish naval crews rescue 225 migrants off Libya

Irish naval crews have rescued 225 people trying to cross the Mediterranean.

Twelve children were among the latest migrants who were found in distress on two inflatable boats off Libya.

Irish naval ship Le Niamh rescued the migrants in a nine hour operation. Credit: PA

The naval ship Le Niamh was sent to the scene, 112km (69 miles) north east of Tripoli, on Saturday night as part of an ongoing humanitarian mission.

In an operation lasting more than nine hours, 107 men, women and children were rescued from one vessel, and 118 from another.

They are all receiving water, food and, where necessary, medical assistance onboard the Le Niamh, said an Irish Navy spokesman.

Migrants suffocate in the water-logged hold of boat

At least 40 migrants have died after apparently getting trapped and suffocating in the water-logged hold of a boat in the Mediterranean, the Italian navy has said.

The victims are thought to inhaled fumes from fuel after the boat took on water in the hold, the captain of the navy ship leading the rescue said on Italian state television.

The Italian navy said women and children were among the 300 survivors. Credit: Italian Navy

Commander Massimo Tozzi, speaking from the ship, said that when his men boarded the migrant boat they found the dead in the hold "immersed in water".

Commander Tozzi said his ship, the Cigala Fulgosi, had taken on more than 300 survivors, including women and children.

At least 40 migrants die in boat off coast of Libya

At least 40 migrants have died in the hold of a boat in the Mediterranean, the Italian navy has said.

The Italian news agency ANSA reported the boat was 21 miles off the coast of Libya and carrying about 400 migrants, with the deaths likely caused by suffocation.

The navy said a naval vessel, Cigala Fulgosi, was leading the rescue mission and had saved many other people.


Survivors from capsized migrant boat arrive in Italy

Around 400 survivors rescued from migrant boat in the Mediterranean - which is believed to have been carrying around 600 people - have arrived in Italy.

The boat carrying the migrants approaches the port in Palermo, Sicily

The fishing vessel they had been on apparently capsized when the migrants moved to one side as rescue boats approached.

Around 25 bodies have been recovered so far, officials said.

Rescue hopes fade for migrants missing in Mediterranean

Search teams in the Mediterranean say they don't expect to find any more survivors from a boat carrying around 600 migrants which sank off Libya.

Crew on the Migrant Offshore Aid Station are searching for the migrants Credit: Reuters

The UN refugee agency said 400 people have been rescued, while 25 bodies have so far been recovered by the Italian coast guard.

It is unclear how many people are missing.

Medical charity Doctors Without Borders said it fears that people might be trapped within the belly of the boat.

Relief agency Save the Children said it is anticipating that survivors will be landing in Palermo, Sicily, this morning.

More than 100 people still missing after boat capsizes

More than 100 people are thought to still be missing after a boat carrying hundreds of migrants capsized off the coast of Libya early this afternoon.

UN refugee agency UNHCR has confirmed 399 people have been rescued from the water, and 25 bodies have been recovered, but it is uncertain how many were travelling on the packed fishing boat when it overturned.

ITV News correspondent John Ray reports:

Pregnant woman saved from capsized boat by husband

A pregnant woman who was on board the boat which capsized off the coast of Libya today "almost lost her life this afternoon" but was saved by her brave husband.

The unnamed woman, who is five months pregnant, told the Medecins Sans Frontieres rescuers who came to her aid that her husband had saved her life.

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