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Klopp responds to Mourinho: Maybe I got lucky with fourth official

Jurgen Klopp (left): passionate. Credit: PA

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp admits he may have been lucky to avoid punishment for his outburst at a fourth official but does not agree with Jose Mourinho that the Manchester United boss is treated differently.

Klopp apologised following Tuesday's 1-1 draw with Chelsea after a touchline exchange with Neil Swarbrick saw him vent his frustration at the award of a penalty to Diego Costa.

Simon Mignolet saved the subsequent spot-kick and Klopp shouted "No-one can beat us" at the official who responded, according to the German, by saying "No problem, I like your passion".

After a goalless draw at home to Hull on Wednesday, an unhappy Mourinho suggested he was treated differently.

"I think it depends on the fourth official. We all know what we can do," Klopp commented.

"When I saw the picture (of Klopp shouting at the fourth official) afterwards it didn't look too nice but it was not as bad as it looked, so that is why I said what happened.

"Maybe I was lucky with what the fourth official said because I've never heard something like this before. There are different ways to handle the situation.

"It is quite an emotional game and to switch off emotions is not that simple."

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