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Truss says judges' independence vital for legal system

Liz Truss said the judiciary must be independent - but did not condemn attacks on the profession Credit: PA

Justice secretary Liz Truss said the independence of the judiciary was the "foundation upon which our rule of law is built" after attacks on the legal system following the High Court's ruling on Article 50.

However she did not condemn attacks made on the profession from some Conservative MPs and media outlets in the wake of Thursday's ruling.

"Our judiciary is rightly respected the world over for its independence and impartiality," she said.

"In relation to the case heard in the High Court, the Government has made it clear it will appeal to the Supreme Court. Legal process must be followed."


Liz Truss made justice secretary

Liz Truss has been appointed secretary of state for justice Credit: PA

Liz Truss has been appointed justice secretary in Theresa May's new cabinet.

Ms Truss takes up the position formerly held by Michael Gove, who has been sacked from the Cabinet.

Arriving at the Ministry of Justice,Truss said she was "delighted" at being appointed to the role, and asked if she had any plans, she said: "Well, it's early days."

Govt: Teachers given 'green light' for tougher discipline

Teachers have been given the "green light" to "get tougher on discipline", an education minister told Daybreak.

Liz Truss said one third of teachers were "not sure" how to discipline children and the Government was supplying teachers with clear guidelines of what punishments could be administered.

Childcare a 'demanding job' requiring specialist training

Education minister Liz Truss has called for a shift in attitude towards seeing childcare as a profession that requires training.

She said: "It is a very demanding job that requires great and specialist expertise. I am not trained to do the job. I'm a politician, not an early educator. And I'm equally sure I could not walk into a class of 30 14-year-olds and teach them German."

French childcare system values 'lifelong education'

When I went to France I learned that excellent nursery and home-based care is widely available. By contrast, most parents in the UK talk about how they have to "juggle" their work and childcare arrangements.

The government spends as much as the French on childcare, so this is about something else ...

French nursery workers are paid similarly to primary school teachers, but unlike our comparatively well-paid primary school teachers, nursery staff here earn £6.60 an hour – barely above the minimum wage.

– blog by education minister liz truss
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