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Minicab drivers will still be 'routinely' checked

Minicab drivers will still be "routinely" checked to make sure they are safe behind the wheel, despite a deregulation of licensing laws, the Government has said.

A Department for Transport spokesman said:

The deregulation bill will not put taxi passengers at risk, and drivers will still have their backgrounds routinely checked.

These measures are tried and tested in London and have made life easier for passengers as well as drivers and their families.

– A Department for Transport spokesman

LGA: Relaxed minicab license laws 'undermine progress'

Plans to relax the laws around minicab licensing are "irresponsible" and "undermine progress", according to the Local Government Association (LGA).

The LGA's licensing spokesman Tony Page said:

Councils fought hard for the reinstatement of enhanced criminal records checks for taxi and private hire drivers and these irresponsible plans threaten to undermine that progress and remove this vital protection for passengers.

The consequences for someone entering a vehicle marked for hire where the driver has not been properly licensed and vetted by the council can be severe. We should not increase the chances of that happening.

– Tony Page

Councils warn against relaxing minicab rules

Easing the laws around minicab licensing would put the public at risk, according to local councils.

Councils have warned the relaxed laws would let more dangerous drivers on the roads for longer. Credit: PA

Legislation travelling through Parliament would make it "impossible" for councils to properly check if cab drivers would be safe behind the wheel, said the Local Government Association (LGA).

Their concerns centre on clauses in the Deregulation Bill which the association says would permit anyone to drive a licensed vehicle.

The LGA also warned dangerous minicab drivers could more easily challenge reviews of their licenses after they had committed a traffic offence.

New laws mean it would be much easier for them to claim another driver was responsible.

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