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91% of regular Oyster customers travelled in rush hour

More commuters have braved the tube strike this morning with 91% of regular Oyster customers travelling in London. This compares with 86% who used their Oyster cards yesterday.

Reporting on how the Underground has performed so far today, Transport for London said:

  • Services operating on 9 of the 11 lines
  • Nearly 75 per cent of stations open
  • Some 91 per cent of regular Oyster customers have been travelling in London this morning
  • Barclays Cycle Hire journeys up 50 per cent for the second day


Commuter strife as London Tube chaos continues

Many commuters are experiencing severe travel disruption this morning as a 48 hour London Underground tube strike continues.

Members of the RMT and TSSA unions will end their walkout at 9pm.

Commuters look on the 'plus' side of the tube strike

Some commuters forced to walk this morning as a result of the ongoing London Underground strike looked on the positive of their journeys.

Commuter woes on arrival at Finsbury Park station

Commuters at Finsbury Park station this morning were greeted by closed gates at 7am.


Early morning buses too full to pick up more passengers

ITV London correspondent Simon Harris has tweeted this picture of a crowded bus in London as a 48 hour tube strike continues to cause transport problems for commuters.

Commuter misery on final day of London Tube strike

Commuters in the capital are facing more disruption as a strike on London Underground enters its final day this week. The RMT and TSSA unions are to take part in talks on Friday, with the aim of reaching an agreement to end the dispute.

The first of two 48-hour strikes began on Tuesday night.

A man looks through locked gates at London Bridge station. Credit: PA Wire
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