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Terror raids: Men 'pledged allegiance to Islamic State'

The four men from London charged with terrorism offences have been named by police.

Momen Motasim, 21, Tarik Hassane, 21, Nyal Hamlett, 24 - all living in west London - and Suhaib Majeed, 20, from north-west London have been charged with intending to commit acts of terrorism or assisting others to do so.

Police allege the men took "an oath of allegiance" to militant group Islamic State, engaged in secret communications and secured firearms.


Public smoking debate sparked by London park report

Medical officials have called for London's leading landmarks and parkland to become smoke-free in a bid to improve the health of the capital.

There was support in Trafalgar Square today for the tourist traps to force visitors to permanently stub out their cigarettes and cigars.

But others, including Mayor Boris Johnson, were reluctant to see London join other major cities in tightening its smoking rules, as ITV News Correspondent Lewis Vaughan Jones reports.

Counter-terrorism police arrest 19-year-old London woman

Counter-terrorism officers have arrested a 19-year-old woman at an address in east London on suspicion of intent to supply a firearm and perverting the course of justice.

Officers are currently searching the address.

It is the latest of a series of arrests over the last week by officers investigating possible terror offences.

The woman is now in custody at a central London police station.


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Former Olympics minister backs London smoking ban

Former Olympics minister Dame Tessa Jowell today called on Boris Johnson to introduce a smoking ban in London's parks.

Boris Johnson and Dame Tessa Jowell Credit: PA

Dame Tessa is regarded as a potential Labour candidate for City Hall in 2016.

A new report has urged to make parks and open spaces like Trafalgar Square smoke-free zones.

But Johnson appeared hesitant, saying there needed to be clear evidence it would save lives.

The Mayor must adopt Lord Darzi’s proposals for smoke free parks in full. We need to make the healthier choice the easier choice for Londoners. The Mayor has a proposal sitting at his feet which could mark the start of a serious public health crusade in the next decade in London.

As Lord Darzi’s report states, every week two classrooms of London children take up smoking. Every year, 8,400 Londoners die from smoking – the number one cause of preventable deaths in our capital city. He must seize this opportunity to build a coalition of support across our city to tackle London's shocking health inequalities.

It is also crucial that the Mayor accelerates his plans to improve air quality, every year over 4,000 Londoners die prematurely due to poor air pollution. He has less than two years left as Mayor, but it is not too late for him to leave a legacy of public health improvement for our great city.

– Dame Tessa Jowell

Smoking campaign group slams 'outrageous' proposals

The director of Forest, a group that campaigns on behalf of smokers, has called proposals to ban smoking at some London landmarks and parks "outrageous".

A ban on smoking in parks and squares would be outrageous. There's no health risk to anyone other than the smoker. If you don't like the smell, walk away.

Tobacco is a legal product. If the Chief Medical Officer doesn't like people smoking in front of children she should lobby the government to introduce designated smoking rooms in pubs and clubs so adults can smoke inside in comfort.

The next thing you know we'll be banned from smoking in our own gardens in case a whiff of smoke travels over the fence.

– simon clark, director, forest
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