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Lord Moynihan calls for change in schools sports policy

The head of the British Olympic Association, Lord Colin Moynihan. Credit: David Davies/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Lord Moynihan has said that the government needs to revise its attitude to schools sports policy, following Great Britain's remarkable first week of Olympics success.

The head of the British Olympic Association said there needed to be a "step change" in sports policy so children inspired by Team GB's gold medals become future star athletes themselves.

'Hollow victory for WADA', BOA chairman says

British Olympic Association chairman Lord Moynihan described the outcome as a "hollow victory for WADA" and said they would be pushing for tougher sanctions for doping offences in the global code.

He also confirmed that Chambers and Millar are now eligible to be selected by their sports, and would be treated the same as all the other Team GB members if selected.