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World's first test-tube baby calls for more access to IVF on NHS

The world's fist test-tube baby, Louise Brown, has called for IVF to be made more readily available and said more people should have access to it on the NHS.

It is difficult to say what it is like to be the first test-tube baby as I have been brought up with it. People ask what it feels like, but it's just always been there; it's my life," she added.

I understand more now and I just think my mum was fantastic.

I think she was just very brave but I suppose if you're told you can't have children, you'll do anything.

World's first test-tube baby: 'IVF was meant to be'

The world's first test-tube baby has paid tribute to the fertility pioneers who gave her and millions of others life as she celebrates her 35th birthday.

Louise Brown's birth attracted controversy, with religious leaders expressing concern over the use of artificial intervention and some raising fears that science was creating "Frankenbabies" who could experience medical difficulties later in life.

Louise Brown was the world's first test-tube baby. Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

There are now thought to be more than 5.5 million IVF babies worldwide and, as she prepared to celebrate her birthday with a private family meal, Mrs Brown said she hoped the public could now see the benefits of the breakthrough.

"When I was born they all said it shouldn't be done and that it was messing with God and nature but it worked and obviously it was meant to be," she added.