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Man cheated death by leaping from Egypt balloon crash

Michael Rennie from Perth in Scotland is understood to have cheated death by jumping from a hot air balloon explosion in Egypt, which claimed the life of his wife Yvonne.

Witnesses described hearing a loud explosion before seeing plumes of smoke as the balloon caught fire in Luxor yesterday morning.

Mr Rennie was last night being treated at Luxor international hospital, where a spokeswoman said he was in a stable condition.

He is one of only two survivors from the crash, which killed 19. Among them were Joe Bampton of Clapham in south London and his Hungarian-born partner Suzanna Gyetvai

Mr and Mrs Rennie were described as "very nice people" who only spent the weekends together due to work commitments.

Neighbour Linda Kettles said: "They were very, very nice people who kept themselves to themselves.

"They've gone on holiday to enjoy themselves. They only get the weekends together and any break together is good for them.

"They were really looking forward to getting away.

"I'm totally devastated by the news. I really feel for their families."


Neighbours leave flowers for pair caught in balloon disaster

Neighbours of a British couple who were involved in the hot air balloon disaster in Egypt have been leaving flowers outside their door.

Yvonne Rennie was killed in the accident while her husband Michael is recovering in hospital.

Linda Kettles with daughter in law Louise and her daughter Abigail puts flowers on the doorstep Credit: Andrew Milligan /PA Wire

Neighbour Linda Kettles described the pair as "very, very nice people" and said they were "really looking forward to getting away".

"I'm totally devastated by the news. I really feel for their families."

Flowers are laid on the doorstep of Michael Rennie, 49, and wife Yvonne, from Perth Credit: Andrew Milligan /PA Wire

Ambassador: British survivor in 'remarkably good shape'

The UK's Ambassador to Egypt has said he has visited the only British survivor of the hot air balloon crash, Michael Rennie, and that he is in "remarkably good shape".

He said his staff are concentrating on helping the families of the two Brits and one British resident killed, but that they would ensure an investigation into the causes of the accident takes place.

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SNP expresses sadness at balloon tragedy

Perth & North Perthshire SNP MP Pete Wishart expressed his sadness at the tragedy.

I have been in close contact with the Foreign Office about this awful incident and have been receiving updates as more information has become available.

I understand that a couple from my constituency are involved, that one is dead and the other injured and in hospital.

My thoughts are with their family at this very difficult time.

Three Britons die in tragic balloon accident

Nineteen tourists died following a horror balloon crash in Egypt - thought to be the biggest of its kind in history.

The Foreign Office confirmed that two British nationals and one British resident died when the balloon plunged to the ground in flames. A fourth Briton has survived and is being being treated at a hospital in Cairo.

Lewis Vaughan Jones reports:

  1. Debi Edward - ITV Scotland Correspondent

Neighbours shocked to learn of tragic balloon crash

I've spoken to the next door neighbour of Michael and Yvonne Rennie, who has laid flowers at their door this afternoon. She is extremely upset to learn of Yvonne's death. Another neighbour has described them as a close couple who enjoyed their holidays.

Michael worked away from home in the construction industry during the week so they only had their weekends and holidays as quality time together.

She said they were an adventurous couple who had been very much looking forward to taking this balloon trip together.

She is now struggling to take in the news that Michael will be returning from this holiday injured and without his wife, Yvonne.

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