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Donations top £50k after article criticises foodbanks

Boxed donations at one of the Trussell Trust's outlets Credit: PA Images

An Easter appeal by foodbank charity The Trussell Trust has raised more than £50,000 - after an article criticising the charity appeared in the Mail on Sunday.

Donations poured into the Help Crack UK Hunger campaign's Just Giving page, after the Sunday title claimed foodbanks were giving out parcels of food without proper checks and people were abusing the system.

At the time of writing, the total raised through Just Giving stands at £50,567 after 4,294 donations. Roughly £48,000 was donated online after the article was published.

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Marks and Spencer: No plans to change Mail advertising

A Marks and Spencer spokesperson said that it would be "inappropriate to comment" on the Daily Mail or the Mail on Sunday's editorial content and that the company had no plans to change their advertising.

Marks and Spencer said it has no plans to change Mail advertising. Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

This comes as Labour activists have called on advertisers to withdraw their support for the papers over the article on Ed Miliaband's father Ralph and a Mail on Sunday journalist gaining entry to a private memorial for Mr Miliband's uncle.

Lord Rothermere: 'Matter is under review'

Alex Spence, Media Editor at the Times has tweeted to say that the office of Lord Rothermere, chairman of the Daily Mail group, has told him that the matter of a Mail on Sunday journalist attending a private memorial for Ed Miliband's uncle is 'under review':


David Miliband 'glad there has been an apology'

Former Labour MP David Miliband has tweeted saying it is "unbelievable" that a Mail on Sunday journalist attended a private memorial for his uncle Harry.

The paper has apologised to his brother and Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Read the Mail on Sunday apology here.

Mail on Sunday 'unreservedly' apologises to Miliband

The editor of the Mail on Sunday, Geordie Greig has "unreservedly" apologised to Labour leader Ed Miliband after a reporter from his newspaper snuck into a private family memorial service.

Mr Greig said the two journalists had been suspended, and an investigation is underway.

I unreservedly apologise for a reporter intruding into a private memorial service for a relative of Ed Miliband. The reporter was sent without my knowledge; it was a decision which was wrong. Two journalists have been suspended and a full investigation is now being carried out.

I would further like to apologise to members of the family and friends attending the service for this deplorable intrusion. I have already spoken personally to Ed Miliband and expressed my regret that such a terrible lapse of judgement should have taken place.

It is completely contrary to the values and editorial standards of The Mail on Sunday. I understand that Lord Rothermere is personally writing to Ed Miliband.

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