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North Korea and Malaysia put travel bans on each other

Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of leader Kim Jong Un, was killed in Malaysia. Credit: AP

North Korea has banned all Malaysians from leaving the country amid an escalating row over the killing of Kim Jong-nam.

In response Malaysia banned all North Koreans from leaving its country.

North Korea's foreign ministry said the move was designed to ensure the safety of North Korean diplomats and citizens in Malaysia.

It continued it had notified the Malaysian embassy in Pyongyang and said it hoped the case would be swiftly and fairly resolved in order to develop bilateral ties with Malaysia.

In response, Malaysia's deputy home minister said the country was sealing off the North Korean embassy and staff were not allowed to leave.

Malaysian police stopped people leaving the North Korean embassy. Credit: APTN

Malaysian police said they believed three North Korean nationals wanted in connection with the death of Kim Jong-un's estranged half-brother were thought to be hiding in the secretive country's embassy.

Earlier on Tuesday Malaysian police chiefs said North Korea was not cooperating in the investigation into the death, but added they were confident they would get a DNA sample from Mr Kim's next of kin.



Malaysian authorities seeking four further suspects

Noor Rashid Ibrahim speaks during a press conference. Credit: AP

Malaysian authorities have said that they are looking for a further four North Korean suspects who left the country on the same day that Kim Jong-nam died after being attacked.

The half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was killed in an apparent assassination at Kuala Lumpur airport on Monday.

Malaysia's deputy national police chief Noor Rashid Ibrahim named the four new suspects at a news conference on Sunday, and also identified a fifth person of interest.

He also showed press photos of a further two North Koreans who were not named, but are also wanted by the government in connection with the apparent assassination.

Four people have been arrested so far, including two women, the boyfriend of one of them, and a North Korean man.

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