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Obama: Mali attack 'stiffens resolve to fight terrorism'

President Obama has said the attacks on a Mali hotel only stiffened the resolve of the United States and its allies, which would be relentless in fighting those targeting its citizens.

In a speech at a regional summit in Malaysia, Obama said US forces had helped prevent a greater loss of life and described the raid as "another awful reminder of the scourge of terrorism."

At least one American has been identified among the 19 dead. He said U.S. forces in Mali helped prevent a greater loss of life.

Like the heinous attacks we saw in Paris, and the attacks we see all too often elsewhere, this is another awful reminder that scourge of terrorism threatens so many of our nations.

And once again this barbarity only stiffens our resolve to meet this challenge.

With allies and partners we will be relentless against those who target our citizens.We will not allow these killers to have a safe haven.

– President Obama


Scale and reach of jihadist groups 'a global threat'

The scale and reach of jihadist groups has been revealed as a truly 'global threat' following both last Friday's terror attack in Paris and today's hotel siege in Mali.

ITV News International Affairs Editor Rageh Omaar reports:

Fear and panic during Mali hotel siege

There was fear and panic in Mali on Friday as one of the capital's most exclusive hotel's came under attack from gunmen.

European, US and other citizens were taken hostage as the armed attackers stormed the Radisson Blu hotel and barricaded themselves inside before security forces were able to get in and evacuate those being held.

As many as 170 people were held hostage for several hours during the siege and at least 27 bodies have been recovered since the hostage situation ended.

ITV News Africa Correspondent John Ray reports:

Mali declares 10-day state of emergency after hotel attack

Mali has declared a 10-day state of emergency following the attack on the Radisson Blu hotel in the capital city of Bamako.

At least 27 people were killed after gunmen targeted the hotel.

Earlier it was confirmed the attack at the hotel had come to an end.

Three Britons were among Mali hotel hostages

Three Britons were among the 170 people held hostage after gunmen stormed a hotel in Mali earlier today.

Secretary of State Philip Hammond posted a message of support to all three British hostages who had been safely evacuated following the hotel siege.


French minister: Algerian jihadist likely behind Mali attack

An Algerian jihadist is 'likely' to be behind the Mali hotel attack, according to reports.

A French minister told AFP that Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the leader of the Islamist militant group Al-Murabitoun, was the suspected mastermind behind the attack which killed at least 27.

Earlier this evening al Mourabitoun itself claimed joint responsibility for the siege.

Ban Ki-Moon condemns 'horrific terrorist attack' in Mali

Ban Ki-Moon condemns Mali attack Credit: Miguel Navalpotro/PA

Ban Ki-Moon, the UN's secretary general, has condemned the "horrific terrorist attack" on a Mali hotel which is believed to have killed at least 27 people.

Speaking after security forces on the ground confirmed the remaining hostages had been evacuated his spokesman said: "The secretary-general condemns the horrific terrorist attacks at the Radisson Hotel in Bamako, which killed an unknown number of civilians and injured many more."

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