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Ryanair flight turns back to Manchester after bird strike

The Ryanair flight was heading to Palma in Mallorca when it was forced to turn back. Credit: Dave Thompson / PA Archive/PA Images

A Ryanair flight has been forced to return to Manchester airport after a bird strike

The plane was heading to Palma in Mallorca when the pilot had to abandon the journey shortly after take-off.

This flight from Manchester to Palma returned to Manchester shortly after take-off following a minor bird strike.

The aircraft landed normally and the flight to Palma will operate as soon as possible.

Ryanair apologised to affected customers for any inconvenience caused.

– A Ryanair spokeswoman


Naked drunk plane passenger tasered by police

Officers tasered a drunk plane passenger who stripped off his clothes as he left the aircraft, urinated against a wall and was abusive, police said.

Police were called to Manchester Airport on Thursday September 26 at 9.50am following reports a man was drunk and being abusive to passengers on a flight from Malta.

Greater Manchester Polices said: "As he left the plane, he took his clothes off and urinated against a wall.

"A 52-year-old man was stunned using an electronic stun gun and arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly in a public place. He was issued a Fixed Penalty Notice."

Passengers on Manchester flight knew of Heathrow fire

A passenger on a Manchester Dreamliner flight has described to ITV News how they noticed the plane had been turned around on the in-flight displays before the pilot told them they were returning.

The passenger, who preferred not to be identified, told Richard Edgar: "The concern of a lot of passengers was that when the plane had landed we were kept on board the plane for twenty minutes, by this time people had found out that the Dreamliner from Ethiopian Airlines had been on fire."

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