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Clegg refuses to commit to 'mansion tax' vote stance

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has refused to confirm whether he and his party will split from his Coalition colleagues and join Labour in voting for a "mansion tax", despite accusing the party of "blatant plagiarism" over the policy.

Ed Miliband has called on the Liberal Democrat leader to back the plans he has long championed in public in a Commons vote and oppose the Conservatives.

His party and Cabinet colleague Vince Cable has already suggested the Lib Dems were likely to be joining the opposition in a vote.

But while he has today attacked Tory rejection of the tax proposal, Mr Clegg told ITV News he would not yet stand with Labour on the issue because he has "no idea what we'll be voting on".

Mr Clegg said:

Neither Vince nor I know what will be put before us so we can't of course determine in advance how we would vote.

But of course the Liberal Democrats for a long time have been the leading advocate of greater fairness in tax.


Clegg attacks Tories as Coalition splits on mansion tax

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has told ITV News his Conservative colleagues in the Coalition are "turning a blind eye" to the super rich being taxed on their lavish properties in the same way as those living in modest homes.

Chancellor George Osborne told ITV's The Agenda he rejects the idea of a "mansion tax", proposed by the Liberal Democrats and now backed by Labour, as it is a "tax con".

But Mr Clegg has told ITV News' Political Correspondent Libby Wiener that the current Conservative policy is "unfair".

The Conservatives need to speak for themselves.

I for the life of me don't understand why the Conservatives think it's ok that an oligarch can buy a palace in Regent's Park for tens of millions of pounds and pay the same council tax as a three-bedroom family house in Lewisham.

That is just unfair.

We can't keep turning a blind eye to the super wealthy basically being taxed the same way on their properties as hard working families across the country.

The Liberal Democrats have always been unambiguous that they want to make the tax system fairer.

The Conservatives don't want to do that.

They don't want, perhaps, to offend people in very large mansions.

They need to answer for themselves.

I'm absolutely sure that what we stand for is the right thing.

See the interview with Mr Clegg on ITV News At Ten, followed by Mr Osborne's appearance on ITV's The Agenda with Tom Bradby at 10.35pm.

Clegg: Labour's 'mansion tax' plan is 'blatant plagiarism'

The Deputy Prime Minister has attacked Labour's plans for a "mansion tax" on homes worth over £2 million as "some blatant plagiarism of Liberal Democrat ideas."

Mr Miliband hopes to split the Government with a vote in the Commons, forcing the Lib Dems to choose between backing a "mansion tax" or maintaining Coalition unity.

In a speech in the City, Nick Clegg said:

All we've got from Ed Miliband last week is some blatant plagiarism of Liberal Democrat ideas and still no remorse for the biggest economic meltdown in modern times.

Labour cannot be taken seriously until its leaders apologise for the economic mess they created, apologise for the unfair tax system they left behind, and apologise for letting tax avoidance rip.

Labour: 'Laughable' for Osborne to claim policies are fair

Labour has responded to Chancellor George Osborne's comments on ITV's The Agenda in which he attacked the party's plans for a 'mansion tax' to fund a 10p tax rate:

It's laughable for George Osborne to claim his policies are fair when he's giving a huge tax cut to millionaires while forcing millions on middle and low incomes to pay more.

Labour wants action now to kick-start our flatlining economy and help people struggling with the rising cost of living.

George Osborne should back Labour's plan for a new lower 10p rate of tax paid for by a mansion tax on homes worth over £2 million.

This would be fair, help 25 million working people on middle and low incomes and boost spending power in the economy.

– Shadow Treasury minister Chris Leslie

The Agenda with Tom Bradby will be broadcast on ITV at 10.35pm tonight.


Osborne: Labour's mansion tax will soon be homes tax

Labour is plotting to create a new tax with their mansion tax proposals, Chancellor George Osborne has said during an appearance on ITV's The Agenda.

He told host Tom Bradby: "They say it's a mansion tax before an election and very quickly it becomes a homes tax on many people who are not living in mansions at all."

The Agenda with Tom Bradby will be broadcast on ITV at 10.35pm tonight.

Osborne: Mansion tax shows Labour 'don't understand aspiration'

Asked if he had previously been open to a "mansion tax", which had been backed by the Liberal Democrats, the Chancellor George Osborne told ITV's The Agenda:

I am opposed to it.

I think it's a homes tax and I'm not in favour of the mansion tax, which as I say you have to go and value all these homes around the country, the inspectors get their foot in the door, after the election suddenly it's everyone's homes that are potentially a target and Labour will have created a new tax.

It's just another thing that proves that I don't think they understand aspiration in this country.

People's homes that they've worked very hard for all their lives and saved for, and by the way people want to give those homes to their children as well.

Osborne: '0% tax rate is better than a 10% tax rate'

The Chancellor George Osborne has dismissed Labour's proposal to reintroduce the 10p tax rate, paid for by a "mansion tax" on homes worth over £2 million.

Speaking on ITV's The Agenda, Mr Osborne said:

The Government - the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats - we've got a better policy which is a zero percent tax rate.

We've more than helped all the people that were clobbered by Gordon Brown's 10p tax rate by turning that 10p tax into a zero.

We've actually made people better off by £300 so there is a way of helping people on low incomes.

We've taken a million people out of tax altogether so I would say a zero percent tax rate is going to be a little bit more attractive at an election than a 10% tax rate and that's certainly been our priority.

The Agenda with Tom Bradby will be broadcast on ITV at 10.35pm tonight.

Osborne defends 'fairness' of Government policies

Appearing on ITV's The Agenda, the Chancellor has said "fairness" is at the heart of the Government's economic policy.

In a time like this you expect the rich to pay moreand actually we are forcing the rich to pay more and indeed cracking down onthose who don't pay their taxes.

But fairness is also about having a systemwhere people who work hard and get on can get on in our society. Fairness isabout a welfare system that doesn't pay for people to stay at home.

Fairness isquite a broad concept and people feel the system's unfair but I don't thinkthis kind of tax con is a solution to that.

– George Osborne

The Agenda with Tom Bradby will be broadcast on ITV at 10.35pm tonight.

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