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Protester's anger over 'inappropriate' cost of funeral

Retired teacher Henry Page from Brighton is at St Paul's with a protest banner.

The 61-year-old said:

The reason I have come today is because £10 million in the current economic climate is inappropriate when people can't afford to pay their bills.

If the cost of this were acceptable, we would know what that cost is. But we don't.

[Clement] Attlee did not get a state funeral or a ceremonial funeral. He was the prime minister who founded the NHS, he was Churchill's deputy prime minister in the national government.

It almost begs the question: is it only Tories that get a state or ceremonial funeral?

MPs pay tribute to 'inspirational' Thatcher


Travelling to Lady Thatcher's funeral. Reflecting on the incredible change she made to Britain - we won't see her like again for a long time


Getting ready to go to St Paul's to pay my final respects to Baroness Thatcher, the woman who inspired my into politics.


Heading off to St Paul's for funeral of Lady Thatcher,a remarkable & extraordinary Prime Minister who influenced me greatly I'm proud to say

Labour: Military element to funeral is 'unattractive'

Labour peer, Baroness Helena Kennedy told Daybreak that she found the military element to Margaret Thatcher's funeral "unattractive", she said she would have preferred a much smaller affair.

"This kind of public ritual is in some ways replacing other things that have been lost and in some ways I think that is what this is about", she added.


Preparations finalised as people sleep in the streets

Last minute preparations are being finalised in preparation for huge crowds who have already begun gathering to watch Margaret Thatcher's funeral in central London.

Some people opted to sleep in the streets to secure early pitches and front row seats for the procession.

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People sleep in streets ahead of Lady Thatcher funeral

People have been sleeping in the streets ahead of Margaret Thatcher's funeral to get front row seats.

The procession will pass along the Strand and Fleet Street on its way to St Paul's Cathedral.

People have wrapped up to brave the streets overnight Credit: ITV News
Some are already lining the streets of central London. Credit: ITV News
The most determined already have seats. Credit: ITV News
Some people have slept in sleeping bags in the street. Credit: ITV News

The nation prepares for Margaret Thatcher's funeral

The coffin of Baroness Thatcher rests in the Crypt Chapel of St Mary Undercroft beneath the Houses of Parliament in central London. Credit: Leon Neal/PA Wire

The nation will pay its final respects to Baroness Thatcher as thousands of people are expected to line the streets of central London to see the the former prime minister carried with full military honours to St Paul's Cathedral.

The Queen heads a glittering list of dignitaries from around the world, former colleagues and showbusiness stars due to attend the funeral.

Lady Thatcher's body will leave parliament for the last time this morning after spending the night resting in the crypt chapel of St Mary Undercroft.

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