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Anti-Thatcher demonstrations in Trafalgar Square

Anti-Margaret Thatcher demonstrators have gathered in Trafalgar Square ahead of her funeral.

People attend a Thatcher's dead 'party' ,organised via Facebook, in Trafalgar Square. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire
A banner for the National Union of Mineworkers, which led the 1984-85 strikes against Margaret Thatcher. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire
A man holds a pig's head aloft. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Liverpool fans wave anti-Thatcher banners at match

Liverpool football fans unfurled anti-Baroness Thatcher flags at today's Premier League match at Reading.

Many of the club's supporters have been critical of the former Prime Minister's handling of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

One banner accused Baroness Thatcher of 'lying' over Hillsborough Credit: Mike Egerton/PA Wire/Press Association Images
Other fans held banners celebrating the former Prime Minister's death Credit: Mike Egerton/PA Wire/Press Association Images
Baroness Thatcher's funeral will be held on Wednesday Credit: Mike Egerton/PA Wire/Press Association Images


Large police presence ahead of London Thatcher demo

There is a growing police presence in London's Trafalgar Square ahead of a planned anti-Baroness Thatcher protest.

Several police vans rounded Trafalgar Square from this afternoon Credit: ITV News
A anti-Thatcher protest has been planned for this evening Credit: ITV News
The planned London protest follows others that took place in the UK today Credit: ITV News


Thatcher death 'party' has been 'planned for years'

Former Metropolitan Police sergeant Graham Wettone Credit: Daybreak

Former Metropolitan Police sergeant Graham Wettone has told Daybreak that the Margaret Thatcher death 'party' due to take place on Saturday has been "planned for years".

Mr Wettone, who has dealt with many significant public disorders, said he was "hopeful that tomorrow will be a peaceful event in the capital."

PM attacks Thatcher death glee as 'pretty distasteful'

Baroness Thatcher's death provoked street parties in Brixton and Glasgow. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

David Cameron has branded the public glee and street parties that greeted the death of Margaret Thatcher as "pretty distasteful".

The Prime Minister said he believed the overwhelming majority of British people had mourned "the loss of someone who gave a huge amount to this country, that was an extraordinary leader".

He added: "Of course, some people won't agree with that but I think that some of the scenes we have seen are frankly pretty distasteful, but people should be responsible for themselves."

Anti-Thatcher funeral protesters told to talk to police

Anti-Thatcher protesters have been urged to contact police if they wish to demonstrate in London on the day of the former prime minister's funeral.

Commander Christine Jones of the Metropolitan Police Service said "there has been much speculation about what levels of protest may take place" next Wednesday.

She said measures would be taken to allow people to rally against Margaret Thatcher, while protecting mourners and the public in the capital.

"The right to protest is one that must be upheld," Commander Jones said. "However, we will work to do that whilst balancing the rights of those who wish to pay their respects and those who wish to travel about London as usual."

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