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Maria Eagle: 'Internal rows' detracting from flood effort

Labour's shadow environment secretary Maria Eagle has said that the government is being distracted from the flood effort by "internal rows" about who is to blame.

She told ITV News that it was "unedifying and disgraceful" and that the government should be channeling all of its efforts into "flood protection and recovery".

Labour accuses govt of 'fiddling the figures' on floods

Labour's shadow environment secretary Maria Eagle has accused the government of "fiddling the figures" on flood spending.

Shadow envieonment secretary Maria Eagle Credit: PA/PA Wire

She said figures from Defra showed that spending had been reduced by around £97 million from 2010/2011 to 2011/2012.

Ms Eagle also contested the Prime Minister's claim that more would be spent between 2011 and 2015 than in the previous four years, asserting that Defra's figures showed the opposite was true.

Ms Eagle said a freedom of information request had shown Environment Secretary Mr Paterson cut more than 40% from the domestic climate change budget last year.

She asked Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles: "Was this really the right priority for the biggest cut to any Defra programme?"


Eagle: Cameron full of 'dither and delay' over HS2

Maria Eagle has accused David Cameron of lacklustre leadership, which has lead to HS2's problems. Credit: PA

HS2 and train users will suffer because the Prime Minister has done nothing but "dither and delay", says the Shadow transport secretary.

Labour's Maria Eagle accused of David Cameron of failing "to provide the leadership necessary" to successfully steer the £50 billion project.

"David Cameron has disastrously failed to provide the leadership necessary to build support and make progress on actually delivering the vital new north-south rail line.

"As a result of three years of dither and delay, there is no prospect of securing parliamentary approval for the first phase of the scheme before the next election.

"The Government must now redouble their efforts to make the new north-south rail line a reality and ensure it remains on budget and on track."

Labour: 'Unrealistic' to expect passengers to pay more

Labour's shadow transport secretary Maria Eagle has said it is "unrealistic" to expect passengers who are already struggling with the rising cost of living to pay an extra 4.1 percent on average for rail fares.

She also attacked the government for allowing train companies to "fiddle" with the way it distributes the fare rise, resulting in a 9.1 percent increase for some passengers.

Fare increases 'are a broken promise from David Cameron'

Maria Eagle speaking outside Kings Cross station today

Shadow Transport Minister Maria Eagle told ITV News the rail fare increases represented a broken promise from David Cameron:

"When Labour started doing this ten years ago we weren't in the middle of a double-dip recession with austerity and everybody's living standards being squeezed in the way in which they are now.

"As it became apparent that times were getting tough what Labour did was stop the train companies from charging above the cap.

"So today what people have found going to renew their tickets is that David Cameron promised them they'd be paying no more than 1% above inflation, many people have actually found their ticket price going up by 9%.

"This is a broken promise from David Cameron."