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Stakes are high for Italy's Prime Minister

Ahead of today's EU summit, the Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti said that members had "one week to save the euro". But he may also have been speaking about his political career.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti Credit: Carl Court/PA

Mr Monti came to power in the midst of the Euro crisis and agreed to head an uneasy coalition charged with restoring calm to the economy. He still has the confidence of enough coalition members, but for how much longer?

He is facing increasing pressure from coalition partners to secure measures in Europe that will lower Italy's borrowing costs and stimulate growth in the indebted country.

Some of them also have their eyes on the next election, which must be held by next Spring.

Italy's 'Super Mario' gets vital confidence vote

Italy's technocrat Prime Minister Mario Monti has won the final two confidence votes he needs to accelarate his labour reform bill. He would have had to resign had he lost one of them.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti Credit: Carl Court/PA

Mr Monti is heading an uneasy coalition of technocrats who have pledged to put Italy's public finances back on an even keel. The labour reforms - which will make it easier to fire employees and broaden unemployment benefits - are considered vital to this plan.

Mr Monti's popularity has dropped to 33 percent, less than half the 71 percent he had when he took office last November hailed as 'Super Mario'.

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