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Analysis: Bank of England's 'challenging' outlook warning

ITV News' economics editor, Noreena Hertz, explores the Bank of England's announcement that they are to help boost lending by up to £150 billion.

In a speech on Tuesday, Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England warned of "challenging" time ahead following the Brexit vote.


Carney: My job to be straight with Brits over Brexit

Bank of England boss Mark Carney said it was his job to "come straight with the British people" over the risks of a Brexit vote.

Mark Carney appearing before MPs on Tuesday. Credit: PA Wire

In a heated exchange with MPs, he denied accusations of being politically involved and of colluding with Chancellor George Osborne.

Mr Carney insisted the Bank was "apolitical" and had a responsibility to warn the wider public about the economic risks of a Brexit.

"It's important not just to those in financial markets but it's important to come straight with the British people about that," he said.

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