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Strong police presence ahead of Mark Duggan vigil

As fans heading for the Spurs-Crystal Palace match walked past Tottenham Police station, they were aware of a strong police presence long before the 2pm start of the vigil.

Police vans were parked outside the imposing three-storey station from which a Union flag fluttered.

A jury found that Mark Duggan was lawfully killed when he was shot dead by a police marksman in 2011 Credit: ITV News

In side roads off the Tottenham High Road more police waited in police vans.One man arrived to stick three posters on a notice board opposite the police station. Two were in the name of Socialist Worker and carried the headline: No Justice No Peace.

The third poster advertised a Socialist Workers Party meeting in Tottenham on Wednesday evening under the heading The police, racism and state violence.A black woman stopped by, kissed one of the notices and said: "I'll always love you, Mark. "

Police issue warning ahead of Mark Duggan vigil

A number of protesters plan to "provoke disorder" at a vigil for Mark Duggan in London today, Scotland Yard has warned.

Police have said that extra officers are on standby to respond to any trouble and will be able to take immediate action.

A jury found that Mark Duggan was lawfully killed when he was shot dead by a police marksman in 2011

The vigil will take place outside Tottenham Police Station this afternoon in protest against what his family have branded a "perverse" inquest finding that he was lawfully killed by police.

The 29-year-old's family and supporters have appealed for the event to remain peaceful.

A Metropolitan Police statement said: "We are aware of a limited amount of information that indicates a small number of people are expressing their desire to use this vigil as an opportunity.

"This information includes the intention of protest groups to attend and of people looking to provoke disorder. We will be ready to intervene immediately if required."


Government 'needs to work cross-party' to avoid riots

Party politics need to be ditched if the causes of the London riots are to be avoided in future, an influential youth charity has warned.

Patrick Regan OBE, founder of the XLP project for inner city children, said politicians and police missed the opportunity in August 2011 to soothe deep-rooted angst in impoverished communities. Speaking ahead of a vigil for Mark Duggan in Tottenham today, Mr Regan said:

Anger breeds more anger, fear breeds more fear. That African saying 'we need a village to raise a child' - that's it, we need a community. We need the police to do what they do, the community needs to take some responsibility too.

My fear is, over the next 14 months, it will become some sort of political football. We need the Government to work cross-party. Everything now is 14 months.

Vigil to take place for Mark Duggan after lawful verdict

A vigil for Mark Duggan will take place today in protest against what his family have branded a "perverse" inquest finding that he was lawfully killed by police.

Mark Duggan's mother, Pam Duggan (right) and her son Marlon Duggan (left) outside the Royal Courts of Justice Credit: PA

The 29-year-old's relatives and supporters are set to gather outside Tottenham Police Station in north London from 2pm and have appealed for the event to remain peaceful.

There were concerns that the crowds would clash with football fans going to see Spurs v Crystal Palace, but the match is also set to go ahead.

Mr Duggan's aunt Carole said that she wanted "no more violence".

Length of Duggan case 'intolerable', says Met chief

Scotland Yard's firearms leader believes his officers and the family of Mark Duggan have been put under an "emotionally intolerable" strain by the length of time it has taken to investigate the 2011 shooting that led to the London riots.

Speaking to the Guardian, Commander Neil Basu condemned a "ground swell of opinion" that his officers should automatically be treated as criminals for opening fire during the course of their lawful duties.

Carole Duggan speaks to the media following the conclusion to the inquest. Credit: PA

Basu said: "First of all, for the family it can't be right that they have to wait three years, and it cannot be right that firearms officers have to wait and their families have to wait for the same length of time."

"There is a ground swell of opinion that somehow a firearms officers who discharges their weapon and shoots someone has become guilty of a crime or misconduct offence, until proven innocent.

"After a shooting they should be treated as witnesses unless there is reasonable suspicion that they have committed a crime."


Duggan family 'still feel very raw' after inquest

The Duggan family pastor has said that they still feel "very raw about the verdict" that Mark Duggan was lawfully killed when he was shot by police.

It comes after police watchdog, the IPCC, said they had contacted the Duggan family solicitor to try and meet with the family.

Nims Obunge told ITV News: "It's right that the IPCC go through the family solicitors and await a response from the family.

"It's very early, the family feel very raw about the verdict and I think that we've just got to wait for the right time and the IPCC need to wait for the right time."

Police watchdog 'arranging Duggan family meeting'

The police watchdog has said that it is arranging a meeting with Mark Duggan's family.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) tweeted to say that they will not release further details until after the meeting:

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