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Facebook 'dominates platforms in such a profound way' co-founder Martha Lane Fox said Facebook was well-placed to continue as a social media giant for many years.

The crossbench peer told ITV News: "Especially in an environment now where they're beginning to dominate in such a profound way the platforms that they rest on.

"I think it's much harder than it was even two or three years ago to displace them."

10 facts about Facebook on its 10th birthday

'Facebook' invented in 1902, news archive shows co-founder made a crossbench peer

The entrepreneur and co-founder of, Martha Lane Fox, has been made a non-party-political peer by the House of Lords Appointments Commission.

Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho, as she will be known, has told ITV News the news is "wonderful" and that it is a "privilege" to be appointed.



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