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MC Hammer claims arrest due to 'racial profiling'

Rapper MC Hammer has claimed that his recent arrest in California was the result of racial profiling.

In a series of tweets after his release the 50-year-old said;

"Chubby elvis looking dude was tapping on my car window, I rolled down the window and he said 'Are you on parole or probation?

"While I was handing him my ID he reached in my car and tried to pull me out the car but forgot he was on a steady donut diet."

MC Hammer and PSY at the 40th Anniversary American Music Awards last year Credit: Vince Flores / AFF-USA.COM/AFF/EMPICS Entertainment

The performer whose real name is Stanley Kirk Burrell added;

"I will now answer his question, contrary to his personal beliefs, all people of color are not on parole or probation fat boy"

According to TMZ, the Dublin Police Department has yet to release a statement about the arrest.

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