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Megan's teacher thinks he 'did nothing wrong' but fall in love

Mr Forrest’s French lawyer, Daniel Lalanne, apparently told reporters:

This is a story of love and passion. It is as old as the world and I believe that that can never be stopped. In his [Jeremy Forrest] head he did nothing wrong except fall in love with a 15-year-old

He added that Mr Forrest is happy about the prospect of being extradited to the UK to be "closer to the one he loves".


Megan 'to speak with police' on return to UK

Megan Stammers is likely to speak with British police officers today, once she has returned from France.

The 15-year-old, who has already spoken to her parents on the phone, is set to meet with officers from Sussex Police after she has seen her mother Danielle Wilson and stepfather Martin Stammers.

Megan is likely to return today to be reunited with her family and to speak with police.

– Sussex Police spokesman
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