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Light winds and high pressure 'led to pollution problem'

The Met Office said very light winds and high pressure have led to high pollution levels in parts of the UK today.

The dust blown over from the Sahara at the weekend is "lingering" as the lack of wind means there is "nowhere for it to go," a spokeswoman said.

However, a change in weather tomorrow means the air quality should be very good by Friday, she added.

Extreme rainfall due in part to climate change

The extreme rainfall seen across the south of the country is due in part to climate change the Met Office has said.

Warmer air carries more moisture meaning heavier rain and increasing temperatures in the north Atlantic have meant more rain for the UK.

Residents struggle through floodwater in Egham, Surrey. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Jeff Knight from the Met Office says: "Climate change to date has probably contributed to the some degree, in the extreme rainfall we have seen this winter.

"However that does not necessarily mean we will regularly experience weather like this in the future."

Severe weather warnings across the south and Wales

Severe weather warnings are in place tonight and over the weekend. Credit: Met Office

Warnings for high winds and severe rain have been issued tonight for the south west, the south of England and most of Wales.

The Met Office has warned those in the areas highlighted to be prepared for disruption caused by the extreme weather tonight and into the weekend.

For more information see the Met Office website.

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