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Met Office tweet Sochi weather updates

The Met Office has tweeted that it plans to share some facts on the weather in Sochi, compared to that in the UK, to mark the first day of the Winter Olympics.


Met Office warns of winds gusting up to 70mph

The Met Office has an amber alert for high winds across the entire south coast of England as well as the South West and southern Wales.

Met Office issues amber warnings for England & Wales

Severe winds are due to hit London, Wales and the whole of the south of England. Credit: Met Office

Amber "be prepared" warnings have been issued by the Met Office for three areas in the UK.

Wales, the South West, London and the South East, are all at a high risk of extreme wether, and residents are urged to be prepared for high winds.

Western and southern areas set for more rain and wind

Western and southern parts of the UK will be battered by more rain and wind over the weekend, the Met Office has warned.

A rain alert has been issued for much of the south coast of England, parts of Wales and Northern Ireland for the next two days.

Rain and wind warnings issued by the Met Office for the next three days Credit: Met office

Heavy rain warning in southern England and Wales

The Met Office has a heavy rain warning in force for South East, South West and southern half of Wales.

With rivers levels high and the ground saturated in many areas, there is a continued risk of flooding in these areas.

Heavy rain warnings in southern England and Wales Credit: Met Office


Transport sector 'must' work closely with Met Office

Road, train and plane operators must work more closely with the Met Office and other forecasters if travel disruption is to be avoided in winter months, a group of MPs has said.

In a wide-ranging report into winter travel, the transport committee said:

  • It is vital passengers receive up-to-date information of changes and disruption whenever possible.
  • More needs to be done to keep pavements clear of snow and ice.
  • Adverts broadcast across the whole of the UK should be used to educate people on how best to clear ice and snow from outside their homes.
  • The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) needs to get better at communicating with airport passengers and make sure travel information is shared at airports across the UK
  • The Highways Agency should make real-time travel information more accessible by reviewing barriers on this data and identify the best technology to do so.
  • The Office of Rail Regulation needs to put pressure on rail companies to develop clear policies on working out how long disruption will last.

Coastal areas on alert as bad weather hits

Weather warnings have been issued across the UK by the Met Office, who are urging people in coastal ares to be vigilant as heavy rain, high tides and gale force winds hit the country.

In Scotland, adverse weather is expected in the Highlands, Strathclyde, Central Belt, and the Borders.

The south west, south east and north west of England have been put on alert for high force winds.

Wales *and *Northern Ireland are also expected to bear the brunt of the bad weather.

For more information visit the Met Office Website

Forecasters warn there's more bad weather to come

Forecasters have warned there is more bad weather to come, with the Met Office issuing a severe weather warning for rain in southern England and western Scotland today.

The Met Office said that as much as 40mm (1.6in) of rain could fall on higher ground or coastal areas, and there are likely to be gales of 50-60mph.

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings, urging people to be aware in these areas. Credit: Met Office

The latest bad weather is set to push in from the Atlantic, crossing the UK from west to east. With the ground already saturated, some minor flooding is likely, it added.

Met Office issues severe weather warnings for the UK

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings over fears of strong gales of up to 80mph and heavy rain affecting Wales, southern, western and northern England and Scotland.

Forecasters said the latest storm pushing in from the Atlantic will cross the UK from west to east today.

These fields in Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, remain flooded from the storms over Christmas. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

The Met Office also warned of the danger of ice patches in the south west as temperatures drop to below freezing.

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