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Hundreds of Mexican children rescued from refuge

Mexico has said it had rescued 458 children from a vermin-infested refuge for abandoned boys and girls.

Authorities raided the home known as "La Gran Familia" (The Big Family) in the western Mexican city of Zamora, following at least 50 complaints about its operators.

Zamora lies in the west of Mexico. Credit: Google Maps

The children had to beg for money on the streets, eat unsanitary food and sleep on the floor among bugs, the officials said.

Some suffered sexual abuse, the government said.


Mexican drug trafficker arrested at World Cup in Rio

A foot is seen atop a ball during the final training session of Mexico's national team. Credit: Reuters

US authorities have filed an extradition request after a Mexican drug trafficker was arrested on his way to a World Cup match in Brazil.

Federal police agents detained the 49-year old man at Rio's international airport as he waited to board a plane to the northeastern city of Fortaleza. He was not identified.

"He had tickets to go to the Brazil-Mexico game today," the police said in a statement, adding that the man is wanted for methamphetamine trafficking.

Federal police said the man was wanted by Interpol and was detected as soon as he crossed the border from Argentina on June 11.

Police capture escaped hippo in Mexico

The hippo was found wandering the streets. It is not illegal to own one, however. Credit: APTN

Mexican police were called to help with an unusual situation early on Thursday morning in Tlajomulco de Zunigaa in the state of Jalisco, when a hippopotamus was seen wandering aimlessly through the streets.

A man who said he kept the animal at his home was not too far away.

The man told police the animal wandered off into the streets when he let it out of its cage for a walk in the park.

After some coaxing, police surrounded the hippo and guided it into a cage.

Officers then arrested the man, who didn't have the documentation to prove he was the owner


Residents survey damage after Mexico earthquake

A car crushed by a collapsing wall Credit: Associated Press

Houses and cars were badly damaged after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck central and southern Mexico this morning.

A man inspects his car after it was hit by a tree during the earthquake Credit: Associated Press

The quake centred in the Guerrero province, south of the capital, Mexico City.

This house was abandoned after sustaining damage during the earthquake Credit: Associated Press

Powerful earthquake strikes Mexico

A powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico, shaking buildings in the capital and sending people running into the street.

The quake was centred in the state of Guerrero, north of the beach resort of Acapulco, the US Geological Survey said.

Guerrero is north of coastal town Acapulco. Credit: Google Maps

There were no immediate reports of major damage.

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