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At least 55 believed dead after Mexico storms

Since the weekend rains in Mexico to have killed at least 55 people in the states of Veracruz, Guerrero, Puebla, Hidalgo, Michoacan and Oaxaca, according to regional emergency services.

Soldiers stand on the remains of a bus after it was buried by a mountain landslide in Altotonga in Veracruz state. Credit: Reuters

Guerrero, which is home to Acapulco, was the hardest hit with at least 34 people dead. Some streets in the state capital if Chilpancingo became rivers of mud with Mayor Mario Moreno saying the city had "collapsed."

Tourists stranded as flooding closes Acapulco airport

The airport buildings are flooded stranding tourists. Credit: APTN

Flights have been cancelled at Acapulco airport after incessant rain left vast areas of the international terminal underwater, leaving scores of tourists stranded in the storm-ravaged city.

The airport buildings are flooded stranding tourists. Credit: APTN

Acapulco's heavy rains were spawned by two major storms that converged on Mexico from the Pacific and the Gulf, triggering flash floods that washed away homes and landslides in eastern Mexico.

The runways are also swamped. Credit: APTN


Soldiers search for survivors of Mexico's double storm

Rescue workers in Mexico were still looking for survivors today after landslides buried homes and a bus in the eastern state of Veracruz.

Soldiers and police work around the wreckage of a bus after it was buried by a mountain landslide at Altotonga, Veracruz state Credit: REUTERS/Oscar Martinez

Mexico has been simultaneously battered by two storms as Tropical Depression Ingrid lashed its Gulf coast and remnants of Tropical Storm Manuel wrought havoc on its Pacific seaboard.

Soldiers search for survivors after a bus and two nearby houses were buried Credit: REUTERS/Oscar Martinez

Thousands of Mexicans have been displaced while a reported 40,000 tourists remain stranded in the Pacific resort of Acapulco.

Waves flood a beach in Acapulco Credit: REUTERS/Jacobo Garcia

Two tropical storms batter Mexico

Mexico is being battered by two storms - one on its east coast and one on its west.

More than 5,000 people have been evacuated on the Gulf of Mexico coast ahead of Hurricane Ingrid which already has winds of 75mph.

Tropical Storm Manuel hit the western coast, on the Pacific Ocean, bringing almost twice the monthly rainfall in three days.

The states of Oaxaca, Guerrero, and Chihuahua have been the worst hit with some road and telecommunications links down.

Flood-affected residents on the back of a truck in Poza Rica, in the Mexican state of Veracruz Credit: Reuters
Damage has been extensive across the west coast of Mexico Credit: Reuters
Almost twice the average monthly rainfall has fallen in three days Credit: Reuters

Crazy horses: 30 police steeds stampede in Mexico

Thirty police horses escaped and galloped down one of Mexico City's busiest roads, injuring one person and damaging 11 cars.

The horses, which were being used to control protesters near congress, became frightened by the sound of car engines, police said.

Mexico City's government said that it would pay for any damage caused by the stampede.


Mexico airline apologises for light-skinned actors call

Mexico airline Aeromexico has apologised after a search for actors requested that only light-skinned performers apply for a television commercial.

Adverts shown on television in Mexico often feature light-skinned actors, sparking accusations of racial discrimination from many.

Mexican airline Aeromexico has apologised for the request. Credit: REUTERS/Paul Hanna

The request for actors, which was sent out by another company, specified it wanted "nobody dark skinned" and only those with "white skin."

Aeromexico said in a statement, "We offer our deepest apology and reaffirm our respect for all people, without regard to their gender, language, religion or skin colour."

The search for actors also said it did not want anyone with blond hair or blue eyes.

72 million-year-old dinosaur tail found in Mexico

Palaeontologists have discovered the remains of a 72 million-year-old dinosaur tail in a desert in northern Mexico.

The 16-foot tail was the first ever found in Mexico according to Francisco Aguilar, the director of the National Institute for Anthropology and History.

Paleontologists work on the recovery of a fossilised tail of a duck-billed dinosaur. Credit: Reuters

The team spent 20 days in the desert slowly lifting a sedimentary rock, before finding the 50 vertebrae of the tail completely intact.

A fossilized tail of a duck-billed dinosaur. Credit: Reuters

The fossil was identified as a hadrosaur or a duck-billed dinosaur.

Palaeontologists said the tail probably made up half of the dinosaur's overall length.

Hundreds of dead stingrays found on Mexican beach

More than 250 dead stingrays were found on a beach in Mexico. Credit: Reuters

Mexican authorities are investigating the death of at least 250 stingrays found on a beach off the Gulf coast state of Veracruz.

Residents and visitors first spotted the dead stingrays on the Chachalacas beach in the town of Ursulo Galvan on Tuesday.

Mayor Martin Verdejo said witnesses told authorities that fishermen dumped the stingrays on the beach because they were unable to get a good price for them.

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