Police defend MI6 spy death findings

Police insist they have not had the wool pulled over their eyes by intelligence services over the death of codebreaker Gareth Williams.

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Rifkind: Spy chiefs glad to explain their work

Sir Malcolm Rifkind has said that security chiefs speaking to MPs in public today was "an historic occasion" that will be repeated.

The Chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee added that he believed those involved were glad of the chance to speak publicly.

He said: "Many of them have been upset at the accusations that they have been doing something improper or doing something unreasonable to their fellow citizens.

"I suspect they were pleased to have the opportunity in public to speak about the work their own staff do and how important it is to the national interest."


Spy chiefs believe Snowden leaks caused damage


Just out of spy chiefs session. Felt key line the attack on Snowden leaks that Al Qaeda would be lapping up, enemies rubbing hands with glee


Spy chiefs clear they believe Snowden leaks & media coverage of it caused damage to their operations. Terrorists now changing communications


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