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Youths to learn the perils of Twitter or 'won't get a job'

Young people should be aware that things they write on social networks now may stand in their way of their dream job in the future, the Conservative vice-chairman said.

Michael Fabricant MP for Lichfield. Credit: PA Wire

Writing in The Telegraph, Michael Fabricant said that he had sent over 15,000 tweets in the past few months. He proposed that social media should be part of wider careers advice for young people.

Mr Fabricant added: "If the 15-year-old Michael Fabricant had had Twitter, I think it would be safe to say he would have struggled to find a job if future employers could trawl through thousands of tweets.

"My concern is that for many of our teenagers and young adults, today’s contemporary ‘banter’ and jokiness could become tomorrow’s block to their future job prospects".

Tory MP: PM's comments suggest 'profound change'

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said the Prime Minister's comments on a British-American tax and trade agenda could be the beginnings of a "most profound change":


This could be the beginnings of the most profound change that could affect the future of the UK for the next 50+ yrs.


If the ideal of free trade is reached between the major nations on earth, it will beg the question: What is the EU for, what is its benefit?


MP: Blackpool Tower won't collapse if fracking goes ahead

The Tory MP Michael Fabricant has made light of fears surrounding fracking in the UK following today's announcement to allow the controversial practice go ahead:


Fracking to resume off Lancashire coast. Will Blackpool Tower fall into a chasm? Will 1000 kiss-me-quick hat sellers disappear?I think not.

UKIP treasurer: 8 Tory MPs in preliminary defection talks

UKIP treasurer Stuart Wheeler donated £5 million to the Conservatives during the 2001 election campaign Credit: PA

Eight Conservative MPs have held preliminary talks about defecting to UKIP, the party's treasurer has claimed.

Stuart Wheeler has told The Daily Telegraph: “I have had lunch secretly if you like, in a completely confidential way, with eight different Tory MPs.”

Mr Wheeler, who was expelled from the Conservatives in 2009 after donating £100,000 to UKIP, has said he has passed their details onto the party's leader Nigel Farage.

61% of Tory supporters want Britain to leave the EU

A new poll suggests that 61% of Conservative supporters want Britain to leave the European Union provided it could maintain its close trading links.

The survey, carried by ComRes for The Independent, appears to show that 54% of voters feel the same way.

It comes on the day the Tory vice chairman Michael Fabricant suggested his party make an election pact with the UK Independence Party, which wants to quit the EU.


Cameron and Farage say no to Tory-UKIP deal

The Conservatives' ongoing difficulties over Europe have taken a new twist with calls for them to form a pact with UKIP.

Tory vice chairman Michael Fabricant said the two parties should consider their similarities but David Cameron and UKIP leader Nigel Farage said no deal could be done.

Watch this report from our Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship.

MP's UKIP pact suggestions go down badly with No 10

by - Political Correspondent

It looks as if the former whip Michael Fabricant's call for a pact with UKIP hasn't gone down at all well with the Prime Minister.

Asked exactly what his job as Tory Party vice-chairman entailed, a Downing Street source said he "organised by-elections."

Moments later he clarified that saying Mr Fabricant's role was to "help out" at by-elections. A return to a job in Government seems unlikely.

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