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UK 'will block EU army as long as it remains member'

The defence secretary said that leaving the EU will not mean stepping back from security obligations.

Britain will continue to block a European Union army as long as it remains in the bloc as it undermines NATO military alliance, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said.

But speaking at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham on Tuesday, he said: "Leaving the EU does not mean we are stepping back from our commitment to the security of our continent."

France and Germany hope that Britain's vote to leave the EU will leave the path open for common defence proposals.

Making a swipe at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, known for his anti-nuclear arms stance, he said: "Waving a white flag, will not keep us safe.

"Labour would risk our defence for their dogma. That's why they can never be trusted with British security."


Fallon: Britain is not turning its back on the world

Michael Fallon Credit: ITV News

Britain is not turning its back on the world, the defence secretary has said after Britain voted to the leave the EU.

Michael Fallon told ITV News: "I'll be speaking to all our major allies this afternoon to reassure them that Britain is not turning its back on the world."

Michael Fallon: Brexit would weaken security in the West

Michael Fallon. Credit: PA Wire

Britain leaving the EU would weaken security in the West, Defence Minister Michael Fallon has said.

Speaking at NATO, Mr Fallon said: "This is a dangerous moment. No country has ever left either NATO or the European Union and that would clearly weaken the security of Western Europe. Those are the twin pillars of our security."

He also dismissed reports of a possible EU army, saying Britain would veto such a proposal.

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